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Kiss Records Ripping Off Consumers?

A Must Read For ALL Bhangra Fans and Record Labels.
kiss diss

Kamal Heer – Masti 3 is announced, so what’s the first thing I do? I pre-ordered my copy online. Why? An artist is only good as his previous album, and Kamal Heer’s last album was pretty damn good! I rarely buy albums, if I have heard no promos, but I had such confidence that this album will be good, that I decided to buy it without listening, big mistake. So as those who have listened to it will notice, this album is below, below-par. It’s something awful, the music is outdated, it does not sound clean, fresh, nor something were 100% effort was put into. So what’s the big deal? Crap albums come out every other week in Bhangra; even the most acclaimed stars have poor albums.

Fair enough you cannot expect a artist to bring out hit after hit albums, and I understand that, but what I do not understand is, Kiss Records, not allowing the FULL album to be streamed. What are they scared of? Our site ONLY allows streaming, so what’s the big deal Mr Shazad Sheikh (Owner of Kiss Records)? We received an email from Kiss Records, which pointed out that our site directly is “infringing our trademark as well as copyrights”.

Why don’t you want consumers listening to the album before they buy? What are you scared about? That people might suddenly realize that this album is nowhere near the £9.99 price tag printed on the front cover. I am pretty certain that if I was given the chance to listen to the full album before hand, there would be no way I would have parted with my hard earned cash. was asked to remove Kamal Heer – Masti 3, or avoid being sued for "lost revenue". Lost revenue... wait, we don’t offer downloads, what revenue could have been lost? Ah… the one were people suddenly realize how sub-standard the album is, isn’t that right Mr. Sheikh? You expect people to buy albums from listening to a 30 second clip?

I myself as a consumer, feel ripped off with buying this album, it does not constitute me spending £9.99 on something which is just put out to capitalize on Kamal Heer’s fast growing success. How about you take off the PRINTED £9.99 price and reduce the price to match the quality? Oh, but that might actually result in a loss in revenue right?

Some people may argue that the album wasn’t too bad, but the quality of the album isn’t being discussed here, it is the reluctance of Kiss Records to allow consumers to listen to the album before they buy.

So why not allow people to judge the album FULLY before they buy? What are you worried about Kiss Records?

Answers on a postcard!