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Best Tips for Andar Bahar

andar bahar

Andar Bahar is one of the most popular games played by Indian gamblers and you will be able to enjoy this game online.

Many of the leading Indian casinos will offer a live version of the game where you can enjoy top payouts and hours of action. If you are a new player and are just getting started with Andar Bahar, we offer some tips that can help you be a winner! You can also play a few free games to become familiar with game rules and pick up some useful strategies!

Set a Budget

One of the most important things when playing any real money game online is to have a budget. You want to set aside an amount of money you can afford to lose. While you will have some great chances to win when you play Andar Bahar, you also need to have limits in place. This will help you manage your bankroll. This game is very easy to play and many players will find they spend more than they can afford. 

With Andar Bahar, it is possible to bet on both sites and many new players will make this choice so they will receive a win. However, this is not the best choice as it can quickly deplete a bankroll.

Learn the Odds

When playing this game, the basic odds are 50/50, which is why it is a popular choice for new gamblers. However, the odds can affect overall payouts. In most games, there will be 13 cards in play on the table before the game comes to an end. When games are longer, there is a higher chance of matching a card. The game usually starts on the Andar side, so this bet is more likely to win. In some cases, it will start on the Bahar side, which will make the odds go in another direction.

Use Betting Strategies

Many experienced players will employ a betting strategy similar to what is used with roulette. Since this is a game of luck, there are no playing strategies that can alter outcomes or increase the chances of winning. However, using a betting strategy like the Martingale system may increase profits. With this system, you will double the amount of the bet when you lose. This continues until a win is enjoyed. The reason players use this is so they can recoup prior losses.

The problem with a betting strategy is that doubling bets may lead to exceeding the limits at the table. It can also quickly deplete a bankroll, so it is not advised for beginner players.

Play and Win Today!

Andar Bahar is a very simple game to learn and as an even money game, it is possible to enjoy multiple payouts in a single gambling session. For those new to the game, it is best to start with smaller bets until you enjoy a series of wins. While there are no specific strategies that can alter the game, many Indian players will enjoy using a variety of betting strategies to boost payouts. 

If you are ready to get started, check out the live version of Andar Bahar. With this, you will be playing in real-time and will benefit from the use of professional dealers. You can also chat with other players and pick up some useful tips!