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Your Views on Mc Special's latest video 'Sanu Vi Nachke Dekhah'?

Complete ignorance by the directors/producer to cultural sensitivities
No morals
Degrading our Panjabi culture day by day to such a low extent
Encouragement of actin in this manner by girls ,we alreayd have enough problems in our community as there are
We should be showing the true culture not this ignorant and plain insult to our people and community,are our girls really that 'cheap'?

Yeah reality is there but this video does no favours in encouraging our youth to get back to their roots, respectable culture not lying to parents by claiming oh we're going to a gurdwara then go half naked to a bus stop and get drunk and chat up next mans.

Why cant our girls and boys do proper gidha and bhangra instead of seeing their culture and religion being going to Gurdwara on a Sunday and getting mashed in a club walking bare foot in a skimpy dress home with some next dude.Girls such as this are a disgrace to our community who tarnish the great name our our proud forefathers.

Im all for Bhangra and im a great fan of it,but it seems the limit has been crossed here with this video,im all for having western influences but to an acceptable limit to us here in the UK as UK Panjabis.I want to be able to sit with my family and watch Bhangra videos,not having to change the channel or walk out due to embarrassment and this comes from a lad born and bred in London.

Artists are supposed to be servants of a language or music through which culture is promoted not destroyed through cheap stunts like showing flesh and hiring out a cheap model who wants to be on TV or Youtube.I have more respect for the girls in videos such as KS Johals Mundeh Panjabi,who make you proud of UK Sikhs/Panjabis who are born here yet are so close to their roots,the Tru Skool camp I must say are the best at this and should be congratulated.

On the other hand we have these dodgy producers with their so called high budget videos with naked girls,sharab, and just plain besharam acts in videos.They try to dance like beyonce in a Bhangra video half naked and make fools at themselves as well as the whole community - most of which sadly fall for it due to the 'sex sells' theory.Other communities must have a laugh on us when seeing these videos ,its no wonder we get nowhere as a nation or community in this country.

Instead of dancing around want to be the next Cheryl Cole they should be proactive in the community be a voice - what political representation do the Sikhs have in Parliament? None,Local level None,National None,and even international to be frank none.But these issues wont come to the forefront as whats being promoted in these videos is not US but just plain besharam antics to which even the mainstream listeners will laugh and look down upon.

Once we stick to our culture in Bhangra ,dress properly as civilised people not bandars at clubs and once we learn to respect our own people- this goes to the girls and boys who come up with ' your not my father' when told your embarrassing our community,maybe we can get somewhere.

Videos such as Tru Skools videos, do a great service to the community which bring the youth closer to their roots as well as make them want to learn more,not like the trash we see these days on tv,which just helps further destroy us internally.

PS Im really looking forward to Guvy Heers video - Sher Soorma which will do a great service to Sikh girls/boys and make them want to learn about how their grandads fought in both World Wars. - Now thats a true service to our community.


The video has had MORE than one comment!

Although this video promotes our girls as nothing short of 'easy slappers' on 2nd thoughts everything within it is the reality of the Sikh Nation

*Sikhs girls at home decide to go to a club
*Lie to their mum with that they're going to the Gurdwara - they have Chuni'a on their heads
*Wait at a bus stop in skimpy outfits picked up by some random guy.
*Reach Central London - they call it mayfair in the video but its probably Hounslow lol
*Girls act like slappers,and try it with guys in the club after getting drunk - says her name is pinky
*Mother also goes to the club, sees a so called 'bhangra superstar' whos nothing short of a Southall DJ
*Mum takes her jacket off and begins to dance with people.
*Video ends

The video almost shows the truth that our girls and indeed their mums these days are well nothing short of 'easy' dancing away with other Asians be they Hindu/Muslim who will do nothing more than harm them in all ways and destroy their lives.The so called Sikh boys who also promote this crap should not escape criticism, they even promote our girls to Hindus/Muslims while these same anti Sikh forces are out to convert/ and have a laugh at the expense of the Panth.

Now this video is up on all asian music channels across Sky Digital and Youtube.......

How do we destroy this cancer?

It will be on Youtube,and all the Music websites within a few days time ,they always start of with facebook,to 'tag' people in to start promotion.Before you know it its all over the place and you have club promoters with names like 'Mo' sending mass spam messages to every 'Sikh' facebook profiles with details to the next 'gig' and lines like 'girls go free before 10pm' and half price vodka - you all know the score but once this video reaches TV it will reach a mass audience and give the impression we all got to the whole world not just the 'asian's.

Heres some comments made on the video on facebook

Pathetic video, fair enough people think the video is “Funny” and “Entertaining” but the reason i think it's pathetic is:

1) It shows girls lying to their parents about going out (Which is somewhat true it happens, BUT, if you show your kids.../any kid that they will follow the same example about lying to their parents.
2) Using "Going to the Temple" as an excuse to go out clubbing is highly disrespectful, shows how much respect the artist has for religion.
3) Video makes out that Girls especially are slags, with the way they are dancing and dress, yeah i know kuriyan dress like that too but seriously?! (Not all girls are the same i agree)
4) The auntie ji at the end? Like seriously, what the <banned word filter activated>? If that auntie ji in the video was your mum and if that girl grinding on that guy was your Daughter or Sister, im sure you wouldn't be finding it “Entertaining” and “Funny”, you'd more like be ashamed.

Get a grip seriously people, we pay so much money to see these artists, and they release video’s like this? Shows how much respect they have for their fans. Is this the type of <banned word filter activated> you'd let your kids watch? I think not, unless you want to totally ruin them then go ahead, but i got standards.See more
3 hours ago ·

This is the reply he got from a supposed 'Sikh Model'

look get a grip its only a video and yeah kids do this because they want to follow the ways of the western world com on get with the times3 hours ago ·

Shes on about get with the times god knows what else she thinks

Luckily another Sikh girl has her head screwed on

This video is wrong on so many different levels, i mean why would you wana imply that indian girls lie to there parents about going gurdwara and secretly go clubbing dressed half naked? Isnt that making indian girls look so bad and corrupt?

  • Wow, It Shows How Much Indian Artists Especially MC Special Are Idiots When The Truth Hits Them. Why Delete A Person Off Facebook When They Are Talking Facts?!

    I Even Asked You Yesterday Harj (MC Special), Drop A Comment And Tell Me What Yo...u Feel About My Comments Regarding Your Video, But You Had To Delete My Comment Off Your Wall And You Think I Didnt Notice?!

    ..Jadoo Sachiyan Sunniyan Ni, Bara Dukh Lageya, Bara Dukh Lageya!!
    3 hours ago ·
  • O DEAR ...........3 hours ago ·
  • LOL mc special what was you thinking of doing a video like this really?2 hours ago ·
  • ROFL <banned word filter activated> video shows exactly how asian girls act in clubs anyway slags :)2 hours ago ·
  • I dint lykk itt eithahh :/ x2 hours ago ·
  • <banned word filter activated> is this ... this ent got nutin 2 do wid the track's name.. good song but <banned word filter activated> video like propa ... rather prefer them typical bhangra club vidsabout an hour ago

Not sure about the maker of this video but a newsletter put out recently featured a video of that Manni Sandhu and his video with youngsters getting drunk ,and compared it to real Music ie poems of Babbu Mann against injustice.

The lead maker of videos these days is 'Jazz Virk' a Canadian guy who has no clue on anything he got cussed by Tru Skool on a talk show which can be seen here

CLICK HERE For Youtube Video

TRU SKOOL talks the truth watch full show

CLICK HERE For Youtube Video

Two Sikh girls who don't prefer running around in skirts getting drunk, more girls should be like this and represent our true culture ,listen to this Jazz Virks(Directors) stupid views

CLICK HERE For Youtube Video

Jazz Virk director of most of the videos featuring Youth getting drunk with girls half naked,most recently Manni Sandhu door ni kulni

The only good video director I would say is Guvy Heer ,who has decent videos you can watch with your family and is in the process of making a video dedicated to Sikh Soldiers in World War 1 and 2,preview of which can be seen here

This article was provided to us by Jasvinder Singh, which does in detail outline that fact that the recent video and many other Bhangra Videos are not presenting what Bhangra is all about but an influx of inappropriate themed videos.  

So what are your thoughts on Bhangra Videos and if the video in question has to be removed?


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