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Homegrown v Collaborations 2 - Your Preference?




Featuring 10 new tracks and the finest vocalists, ‘Homegrown’ not only caters for the avid party-goer but also showcases PBN’s diverse production skills with a mix of musical styles and genres. Inspired by Bhangra fans and the current music scene, PBN has created an album with a little something for everyone.

With 8 tracks, 'Collaborations 2' features some really great singers, you’ve got Jazzy B, Amrinder Gill, Nachatar Gill,  Shazia Manzoor, Manjt Papu Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.  You’ve got new melodies, new styles of singing such as Quwali, Hindi vibe, and more traditional dhadi style. A much larger variation of music & singing styles. The Jazzy B track is aimed at the family and mentions all the family members.  Shinda actually had the idea of the Yaariyan track for over two years now and had given it to a lot of writers trying to find the type of songs that he was looking for.

There is so much debate around these two albums already!

The question we ask, which do you prefer and why?


Get debating people.