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Punjabi Music Industry?


Check out the video by JusReign who couldn't have summarised the Bhangra scene any better than what is really happening!

He quotes, " Whats my favourite genre of music? BHANGRA + Punjabi music of course! But these days I've noticed some things that have kinda tickled me in the wrong way when it comes to this music industry. So... why not do what i do best when I face these problems... rant about it! So check it, my top 7 list of the things that irk me about bhangra/punjabi music. Complete with an epic music video in the end."

We have new labels emerging nearly every day, each making the same statement that they promise to turn Bhangra around. Well firstly, they can all stop releasing sub standard material, but that’s just too much common sense isn’t it?

Gone are the days when a album was released that contained real purpose and thought, now a album is released just for the sake of releasing a album

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