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The Bollywood Weekly Buzz (08.02.09)


Top Ten Bollywood Songs!

  1. Love Mera Hit Hit – Billu Barber
  2. Yeh Delhi Hai – Dehli -6
  3. Ghuzarish – Ghajini
  4. Soniyo – Raaz – The Mystery Continues
  5. Money Money – Victory
  6. Tere Naina – Chandni Chowk To China
  7. Yeh Zindigi Hai – Luck By Chance
  8. Jai Ho – Slumdog Millionaire
  9. Pardesi – Dev D
  10. Sapney – Mere Khawabon Mein Jo Aaye
Top Ten Bollywood Films!

  1. Luck By Chance
  2. Billu Barber
  3. Jai Veeru
  4. Delhi – 6
  5. Victory
  6. Raaz – The Mystery Continues
  7. Dev D
  8. Ghajini
  9. Slumdog Millionaire
  10. Chandni Chowk to China

Ash’s Pink Panther Premier with Hubby Abi!

Aishwarya Rai walked down the red carpet for the Premiere of her hottest international film, Pink Panther 2 with hubby Abhishek and daddy-in-law Amitabh Bachchan.

Ask her about her flash and miss role in PP2 and she tells, “It’s a bit silly and exhausting to even talk about the length of my role based on what is seen in the trailers. Did anyone question my role in Khakee, when there was only one shot of me in the promo? Isn’t that a very myopic view of contemporary acting? And I thought I had transcended this footage fetish in my first film Iruvar (1997).”

She includes, “The choices I have made in my career aren’t just about footage but an opportunity to work with actors, directors and technicians who enrich my life. I didn’t work in Pink Panther 2 only because it was an international project. It was a wonderful experience working with a stalwart like Steve Martin and the rest of the cast and crew.

Of course, Pink Panther is a Steve Martin vehicle. Is that s o m e - thing to question? All the rest of the wonderful cast including Jean Reno and Andy Garcia play supporting roles. I treasure the experience of working in Pink Panther 2. Why spoil it by questioning how much footage I have? So many Indian actors have worked in international ensemble casts.”

Well, Aishwarya is roaming around the world with family for attending the premieres!

Yuvraaj and a New Bikini Date before Valentine’s Day??

The most recent rumor is that cricketer Yuvraaj Singh has a new girl in his life, that to before Valentine’s day! It is none other than our Bollywood bikini babe Minissha Lamba.

According to an eyewitness, the duo were seen kissing and hugging at restaurant Aurus in Juhu. However sources near to Minissha insist that she was out of the city.

However the staffs of Aurus confirmed that Yuvraaj & Minissha hangout together and also indulge in some romance, They quite often go there for dinner and stay there till early morning. They look like any other duo in love, holding hands, gazing into each other’s eyes. The staff and guests were quite stunned to see them at ease in public, but they didn’t seem to care.”

Well, Being a star like Yuvraaj, he sure has no lack of girls!

Is Katrina expecting a big Valentine’s Day Surprise from her sweetheart?

In a latest interview with Katrina Kaif, she revealed that Salman and her are busy on Valentine’s Day and she is expecting a big surprise from him.

Question: Rumour has it that your relationship with Salman is headed for permanency. He’s supposedly buying you a home on Valentine’s Day?

She reveals, “I must say that, according to media, Salman seems to be in some generous mood. He’s supposed to be buying me a place; supposedly buying Asin a place… It’s hilarious. Though the truth is, I don’t think that he’s buying any house — for her or me.”

Question: What’s your Valentine’s Day plan? Any special event with Salman?

She says, “Yes! Salman and I have plans on V-day. Unfortunately, not together. I’m shooting a song in Turkey with Rajkumar Santoshi; while Salman is shooting for Veer in northern India. Unless he plans to surprise me, of course!”

So do you think Salman does have a big surprise for Katrina?

Shilpa receives a cricket team for a Valentine’s Day gift!

Shilpa Shetty and her London based beau Raj Kundra have bought 11.7% stake in IPL’s former champions Rajasthan Royals, who achieved a spectacular win last year under the leadership of Shane Warne, in spite being written off at the start of the tournament.

Apparently its Raj’s valentine gift for Shilpa, she tells, “It is a very expensive gift. I trusted Raj’s acumen and am really proud to be the co-owner of Rajasthan Royals.”

Ask her the basis for choosing Rajasthan Royals, and pat comes a reply, “They were considered the underdogs just like I was. That’s also why I backed them from the word go.”

Quiz her about Preity Zinta’s Kings XI’s team who lost to Shilpa’s Rajasthan Royal’s last season, and she tells, “There is no competition between the owners. Preity has a great team as well.”

O.K. Guys, gear up for an exciting action being on field and off field, as this leggy lasso is surely going to be the eye-candy of all the viewers.

Stay tuned for next week’s “The Bollywood Weekly Buzz” for a Valentine’s Day Special!!!

If you have a special message or a poem for your sweetheart and would like him or her to know, send me an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!






The Bollywood Weekly Buzz (01.02.09)


Top Ten Bollywood Songs!

  1. You Get Me Rocking – Billu Barber
  2. Behka – Ghajini
  3. Kaisa Yeh Raaz Hai – Raaz The Mystery Continues
  4. Masakalli – Dehli -6
  5. Chandni Chowk to China (remix) – Chandni Chowk to China
  6. Sapno Se Bhare – Luck By Chance
  7. Mausam – Slumdog Millionaire
  8. Maaza Aa Gaya – Victory
  9. Pardesi – Dev D
  10. Everythings Gonna Be Alrite – Jumbo

Top Ten Bollywood Films!

  1. Slumdog Millionaire
  2. Raaz – The Mystery Continues
  3. Chandi Chowk to China
  4. Ghajini
  5. Reb Ne Bana Di Jodi
  6. Dehli 6
  7. Billu Barber
  8. Luck By Chance
  9. Dev D
  10. Aasma

Neha Dhupia Does Not Like Valentine’s Day???

When all are gearing up to rejoice this beautiful day, Neha shocked us by saying that she hates Valentine Day. She tells that V-day is just another day for her.

Interestingly Neha has been dating her childhood friend, a well-known squash player Ritwik since long time.

But then what is the cause to hate such a lovely day? “I think it’s really stupid concept. I don’t understand why do we even need to celebrate that day? It’s not a festival to celebrate? I don’t see the significance of that day? No one knows who was Valentine, was he a man or priest? We still celebrate it so blindly. I am not doing it.” She reacts.

Is that the cause for not celebrating such a beautiful day? Neha recalls a funny memory related to this day. “I was very fat when I was in school I was very ugly. On every Valentines every girl used to get chocolates except me. That’s how I hate Valentine’s Day.

Now all those boys must be regretting for not giving me gifts on that day.”

Ayesha Takia Adopting and Old Lady???

Turns out, Bollywood fans who are glum about not seeing Madhavan and the first lady being Bollywood Jaya Bachchan on screen of late, have quite a bit to celebrate. Both the power houses of performance will soon be seen on screen in Hari Om Sai’s production Fir Tum Mil Gaye, to be directed by Revathy S Verma. The movie is a remake of a South movie June R and also is Raveena Tandon’s comeback and stars Ayesha Takia too.

The story is about adoption, just that in this one a 20-something girl adopts a mother from an old age home. Director Revathy tells, “We always hear of couples adopting babies from orphanages, here it is the reverse process of a young girl wanting a mom. The mother’s character is extremely optimistic.” Jaya Bachchan will play the role she plays best, that of a soft and loving ‘adopted’ mother.

Preya Arora of Hari Om Sai Production tells, “Jayaji’s confirmation to this role is a great achievement to us. We were looking forward to her playing the mother’s role because she has that motherly charm and softness.”

Revathy also seconds the opinion and says, “When we were in talks for the Hindi version, one thing was sure that she would be in the cast.”

The surprise package of the film is Maddy, who has a main role and will be quite the star. Both the actors have kept their appearances rare, so it will be great to see them together. Though this is the first project of Hari Om Sai Production, the house has two major projects lined up after this, with big star cast. But everything is under wraps as of now.

Salman Khan As A Music Director!

While music director’s are trying hard to turn themselves into actor, our Salman bhai is going other way round.

Salman Khan who is multi talented is planning to take up music.

A close source tells, “While working on the music of Partner, Salman didn’t approve of a particular song and discussed the shortcomings of the song with Sajid and Wajid. Although the alterations were technically incorrect, the duo went ahead with the modified song which went on to become a huge success.”

“Salman has always taken keen interest in the music of all his films. He listens to the score and at times puts his foot down and makes sure that the music is altered according to his preference.”

Sajid-Wajid who have been linked with Salman since his Pyaar Kiya to Darna Kya time are all geared up to support him.

Sajid tells, “Salman bhai has a great sense of music. He always gives valuable inputs. We are encouraging him to become a full-fledged music director. We are also trying to get him to sing his songs. Wajid and I will assist him.”

What do you think about Salman Khan being a music director?

Shahid Kapoor Gets Approval From His Parents to Buy A Bike!

Shahid is an enthusiastic bike lover. Recently he got himself a new bike. Not many know that the younger icon of India got this bike only after his parents allowed him to do so. And for that he had to assure them that he would ride safely!

Says a source, "Shahid loves biking. When he was shooting with Ahmed Khan for Ishq Vishk Pyar Vyar, Shahid would go with him for long bike rides along the Western Express highway. And now, he has gifted himself a new bike but only after his parents approval. Shahid's new bike is a midnight black, air cooled, sportsbike with high torque speed and 1670cc machine, costing around Rs.15 lakh."

"Shahid chose black as he doesn't like anything bright, flashy and over the top but rather classy, understated and subtle stuff. He is very possessive about it and insists on cleaning it himself. He has been biking a lot these days especially at nights and also while going for his shoots", siad the source.

Hrithik Roshan and his 12 Stiches!!

Hrithik Roshan was shooting for an action scene in which he had to break a windowpane with a rod and enter the room. The shot didn't work well two times; the third time Hrithik hit the glass so hard that glass debris flew everywhere. One sliced through his wrist and blood gushed everywhere. The cut was so deep that Hrithik could see his bone."

Though Rakesh Roshan wasn't present on the sets executive producer and Hrithik's sister Sunaina was. She took charge. "Initially, Sunaina didn't realise how severe Hrithik's wound was but when he cried out to her asking for help and to stop the blood gushing out, she realised he needed to be taken to a hospital for stitches."

The source adds “Sunaina decided to take him to Lilavati Hospital in Bandra but they were advised that it might become a police case. She spoke to her dad, who in turn called Tina Ambani in Delhi who made the essential arrangements for Hrithik's admission."

Rakesh Roshan confirms, "The deep cut required 12 stitches. He won't be shooting for the next three days till the doctor sees his wound.”


The Bollywood Weekly Buzz (25.01.09)


Top Ten Bollywood Songs!

  1. Marjaani – Billu Barber
  2. Lattoo – Ghajini
  3. Tere Naina – Chandni Chowk to China
  4. Arziyan – Delhi 6
  5. Maahi Ve – Raaz – The Mystery Continues
  6. Dhol Baje – Lucky By Chance
  7. Maaza Aa Gaya – Victory
  8. Pardesi – Dev D
  9. Jai Ho – Slumdog Millionaire
  10. Shut Up and Bounce – Dostana
Top Ten Bollywood Films!

  1. Chandni Chowk to China
  2. Ghajini
  3. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi
  4. Bad Luck Govind
  5. Kaashh…Mere Hote
  6. Jumbo
  7. Dostana
  8. Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye!
  9. Dil Kabaddi
  10. The President is Coming
Salman Khan on a “Unique” Diet???

Fitness freak Salman Khan has once again started cycling his way to his movie shoots. It is a practice he used to follow when he would not get sufficient time to do his work outs in his personal gym. But this time the reason is something else. A source saw him cycling on his yellow colored hummer all the way from his Bandra residence, Galaxy Apartment to a Kalina Studio for his “Main Aur Mrs Khanna” shoot.

Another close source further included, “Salman is actually on a strict diet and is off alcohol for the last few weeks. After the completion of the schedule in Mumbai, Salman will be shooting in Panchgani and there on he will be flying off to Krabi islands near Bangkok. Salman will be shooting for a romantic song number in Krabi with Kareena Kapoor and he will be going shirtless for the song.”

“Salman needs to look fit and fine in the song and is making sure that there is no ounce of extra fat seen on his body before he shoots for the song. The movie is being directed by Prem Soni also stars Sohail Khan in a key role. Preity Zinta and Deepika Padukone are making special appearances in the movie.” adds the source.

Shah Rukh Khan’s Mineral Water Secret!

SRK’s hair is the best in the industry and have been his steady companions since back in the days, but the reason behind his silky mane is that he washes them with mineral water.

A close source tells, “His hair reacts badly to hard water. He has a condition where his hair gets hard and loses its shine if he doesn’t take good care of it.

And you can’t have a bad hair day while shooting, so he only uses bottled water in such cases.”

Actually SRK had his share of bad hair days when he washed his hair with hard water while shooting Paheli and from that day onwards he has been more careful about his hair.

His stylist tells, “It’s important for styling that hair be washed with regular water.”

In the past, SRK’s hair got damaged when he used well water while shooting in remote locations during Paheli. After that, he has learned to be careful.

As an actor, you are in the industry of looking good, so you better take care of your skin, body and locks. Also it affects the look and continuity in the movie and he doesn’t want to take any risks.”

During the current shoot of Billu Barber, SRK made it a point to have an ample supply of mineral water especially for his bath.

Ashwariya Rai seems keen on just making movies with hubby????

Post marriage there were buzz in the industry circles that Aishwarya Rai will prefer to do movies only with hubby Abhishek Bachchan. The couple was earlier seen in movies like Kuch Naa Kaho, Umrao Jaan, Guru and Ram Gopal Varma’s Sarkar Raj paired opposite each other. It seems the buzz to some extent are ringing true if one sees at her next line up of releases. While she has three movies with hubby Abhishek she has only one film signed opposite another star, Akshay Kumar.

Presently the couple is shooting for Mani Ratnam’s Ravana in jungles of Madhya Pradesh at a remote locale called, Orcha. Post that film; both are slated to star in Ad filmmaker Abhinay Deo’s next after Delhi Belly. The yet untitled movie is said to be an action thriller which will be shot extensively in Greece, Thailand, Istanbul and London. Besides Ash and Abhi, Boman Irani has been finalized but rest of the cast is yet to be decided.

Next is filmmaker Rajiv Menon’s Sur, which will be a remake of yesteryear-classic Abhimaan, has approached them but the project is still ambivalent. The Akshay Kumar that she has signed is a Vipul Shah production and will have her playing mother to a 13 year old kid. One can remember her refusing Karan Johar’s Dostana.

Kissing Boy Emraan does not have any Lip Locks in Raaz???

All excited about his upcoming release, Raaz - The Mystery Continues, Emraan talks to us about his role in the movie, his fears and the fact that he won’t have any lip locks in the movie.

Emraan tells about his role in Raaz 2, “I play a painter whose name is Prithvi and he can foresee the future of a model Nandita played by Kangana Ranaut. And in my character the audiences will find different grey shades, which surely can be spooky. I’m quite excited that finally I’m the part of a horror film. I had always wished that my debut film should be a horror film but didn’t happen.”

“Believe it not but I am scared of kisses in the films that I have to do. Also I am scared of the dark so whenever I sleep I always have one dim light on and I am also scared of empty corridors after watching The Shining.”

He adds about kissing scenes in Raaz 2, “I don’t have any kissing scenes and that’s why I’m feeling very relaxed. All the kissing scenes are done by Adhyayan Suman!”

He includes about lean look, “Mohit told me to reduce my weight as it was the requirement of the character and so I gave up on all junk food, switched from aata to nachni rotis and gave up bread completely.”

“I am not much of a fitness freak and hate this six pack - eight pack business. I would like to admit that I am a very lazy person when it comes to body building. But I feel all this is just a fad. It is okay if one has to do for a particular role otherwise its silly to flaunt it every now and then in films.”

Now that’s definitely a Raaz…how can it be that Emraan doesn’t kiss…I suppose the mystery does continue…..



Delhi- 6 (Upcoming Bollywood Movie)

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DELHI- 6: Synopsis

Featuring Abhishek Bachchan, Sonam Kapoor, Om Puri, Atul Kulkarni, and Divya Dutta

Roshan travels from USA to India with his ailing grandmother. Little does he know that this quick trip will turn into the longest journey of his life? a journey within!

The story is told against the backdrop of the ancient walled city of Delhi who is a character in herself.

A city that represents the chaos of Indian people, their religion and their beliefs.

The pin code of this old city is 110006. With pride and love they call it DELHI- 6.

Slumdog Millionaire Nominated for 10 Academy Awards




Danny Boyle’s SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE has received 10 Academy Award nominations in the following categories:


  • Best Picture
  • Achievement in Directing for Danny Boyle
  • Adapted Screenplay for Simon Beaufoy
  • Cinematography
  • Film Editing
  • Sound Editing
  • Sound Mixing
  • Original Score
  • Two nominations for Original song for “Jai Ho” and “O Saya”. 


“It’s just amazing. For Slumdog Millionaire to be included in the nominations for the Oscars is a huge honour. When we first began working on the film I don’t think any of us ever imagined that we might end up attending the Oscars ceremony as a result. I’m just so proud to be a part of this project and I have been overwhelmed by the positive reaction to the film. Thank you to everyone who has supported us. I truly feel blessed” - Actor DEV PATEL

"Secretly and sometimes not so secretly, this is the nomination that floats in every screenwriter's dreams. I am fantastically happy and honoured- not just for myself but for Vikas Swarup's wonderful novel without which I would have never started my journey to the world's Maximum City, Mumbai."  Writer SIMON BEAUFOY

“I am overjoyed by these nominations and deeply grateful that the Academy has embraced the music of this film. Slumdog Millionaire has paid magical dividends for so many people around the globe.  I am deeply honoured to be a part of a film that has inspired so many.” Music Composer A.R. RAHMAN

In an unprecedented fortnight, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE has won four prestigious Golden Globe awards, been nominated for 11 BAFTA awards, had a record breaking 47% increase in box office in its second week on release and still retains the number one spot at the UK Box Office having now taken £7, 041, 524 in its first 13 days of release.