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Ne Baliyeh - Album review

ne baliyeh 

Record Label: Serious Records
Release Date: February 2006
No Of Tracks:

From the guys who gave us ‘Getting Serious’ comes their latest instalment ‘Ne Baliyeh’ ...

However this time without Aman Hayer, before you start speculating, it turns out Mr Hayer is simply too busy producing other albums!, maybe this could be a good thing? However this time around the album is mainly produced by the up and coming Jeeti and the main man himself Kam Frantic, with Dipps Bhamrah producing the single track.
Serious records have recently announced the massive signings of Lehmber Hussianpuri and Daljit Mattu to the camp, arguably two the biggest singers making a impact in the Bhangra scene today! As of the beginning of 2005 Lehmber stopped recording for other artists… lets see how many of his vocals are still floating around!
So will Ne Baliyeh become a bigger hit than Gettin Serious? Will it contain more album fillers than Getting Serious?, at least we know that Aman Hayer isn’t around to ruin a song by adding a mc this time, a la Sabar Koti – Dil (Gettin Serious), well read on to find out!

Time Das Ja – is the first track on this album, sung by the up and coming uk born singer Kam Bhamra, Jeeti is on hand to give us the production on this song. The lyrics can be classed as somewhat funny, asking a girl for the time? Nice chat up line! The song itself? An absolute stormer! Jeeti is back to doing what he does best, creating up beat Bhangra tracks ready made for the dance floor! This fast paced track has been sung superbly well by Kam Bhamra, showing once again why many consider him one of the most improved vocalists around. This song is a perfect mix of dhol tumbi algozey all blended perfectly together to make a top notch uk Bhangra song! A Brilliant start to the album.

Surma – sung by Lehmber Hussianpuri, who as mentioned earlier is now officially signed to Serious records. Kam frantic is on hand this time to give the production skills, also adding his custom guitar in the background; Lehmber gives his usual performance… flawless. A solid track, although not up there with the first song.

Serious records show off another one of there new signings in Daljit ‘Captain Bhangra’ Mattu; Patola is another dance floor track, produced once again by Jeeti. Daljit Mattu as usual gives his usual lively performance. The composition of the melody is very similar to Time das ja, and those who have heard Jades album will recognise it to the Aaj Gideh Vich song. Never the less, this song once again will do damage!

The pace is slowed down by Dev Dhillon, who made his debut on Getting Serious, and is back with a slow soulful song Pyar, as the title suggests you are in for an emotional ride here, well that is if you get emotional. Kam Frantic is back on the production, which is clear through the melodious guitar playing throughout. The lyrics are simple but very strong, ok ok! Im going to change tracks before I start shedding a tear!

Akh Ne – sung by Jeevan Mann with Kam Frantic again back on the production duty, the amount of music that comes out of the frantic studios, has made this song somewhat repetitive, a solid song, but I’ve heard it all before.

Sona Sona sees Dev Dhillon on the vocals once again, giving an impressive performance once again, the production is credited to Jeeti, but this track sounds something coming out of Frantic studios, once again with the guitar, however this does not take away from the song, which is exceptionally good.

Mul – Sabar Koti provides the vocals to this track, with Jeeti providing the beat, switching it around on this song, giving more of a  garage flavour, however it works well on this track, not your usual garage song, no mc to ruin it. Sabar koti makes a welcomed return after his song on Getting Serious, no doubt a superb vocalist.

Newcomer Javi Singh is introduced with the song Larey, again produced by Jeeti, this song sounds more like something out of the frantic camp, with a stop start music. But once again it does not take away from what turns out to be a very good song.

Dipps Bhamrah gives us his first and only song on this album, called Nachna. Like Getting Serious he only gives the one track, he got some of stick for the quality of the song on Getting Serious, however I thought it was actually quite good, and grew on me a lot. Now onto Nachna, its sung by Balvir Sufi, another new comer, there’s not much to say about this song! Sorry Dipps, but this song really is average. A stop start desi song, that really fails to get started. Thumbs down.

Onto the title track Ne Baliyeh and boy have they saved the best till last! Sung by both Lehmber Hussianpuri and Kam Bhamra, beforehand you think it’s a mismatch in proportions to Australia Vs Netherlands in cricket, but Kam Bhamra matches Lehmber on each note, giving a awesome vocal performance. The track is produced by Jeeti who does his best by, well, keeping it simple. The vocals are outstanding. It’s been a long time since a heard a duet in Bhangra, they don’t come around too often, but this has to be one of the best. A superb song.

First off, is this better than Gettin Serious? YES. This album contains less fillers than Gettin Serious, and I think we were all getting tired of the same Aman Hayer songs. This album gives you 10 full brand new Bhangra tracks, and in my opinion (which may not mean a lot to u), a Bhangra album MUST consist of at least 10 FULL TRACKS, no remixes, brand new tracks, and this album delivers exactly that. Songs like Time das ja, Patola, Ne Baliyeh, Mul , Sona Sona, are ALL worthy of being a main track on any album. Serious records are a relatively new label, let’s hope they stick around longer than most others and keep giving us these quality releases! They have mixed new talent with established ones, Jeeti with Kam Frantic, Lehmber with Dev Dhillon, giving a great balance to the album. ALL OTHER RECORD LABELS, REMEMBER, A BHANGRA ALBUM MUST BE AT LEAST 10 ORIGINAL SONGS. I paid £10 for this album, and I got every pennies worth. 7.5/10