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Ominous Dj's - Unfinished Business

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Record Label: 4Play Records
Release Date: February 2006
No Of Tracks:

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They say good things come to those who wait; fans of Ominous Dj’s have been waiting up to 2 years for this release, after mammoth delays it is finally out! Some of the tracks were first given radio airplay two years ago, so the size of the delay is evident.

They are back to take care of some “Unfinished Business”, after releasing ‘Best Kept Secret’ the four man combo have certainly taken their time in producing a quality album and everything points towards them putting out a quality product. Which leads me onto their video, which is one of the most unique Bhangra videos I have seen, (the video can be seen on our video section). With vocalists such as Kuldip Manak, Lehmber Hussianpuri, Daljit Mattu, Mukki G, this album already looks like a awesome release.

Numero uno: Panj Bindiyan, this song was actually given radio airplay nearly two years ago, with a hard hitting beat fused perfectly with dhols and a deep bass line, a song designed for the dance floor! And what’s the vital ingredient needed to make a hit in UK Bhangra? Apart from a song about alcohol, the vocals of Lehmber Hussianpuri. All the factors come together to produce a hard hitting track.

Daljit Mattu is hired by Ominous Dj’s to give the vocals to London –  with a catchy set of lyrics; ‘Ominous munday London toh aye’ this song is sure hit… well unless your from outside London. The vocals are complimented but a simple but effective desi beat, dhad, dhol, tumbi… what more could you ask for? Another song destined to smash up the dancefloor!

Ominous Dj’s and Mukki G have given a new lease of life to an old Kuldip Manak classic, Jatt Hate, has received many re-licks over its time, this is probably one of the best I have heard!. The beat is loosely based on a Ludacris track; however the real star on this song is Mukki G, who has re-sung it to perfection! Raw and provocative vocals, do perfect justice to this old classic! Young Righteous provides the rap on this album, which goes well with the song.

Lehmber is back with Yaar Di Viyah, and instead of the hard hitting beats on Panj Bindiyan and Jatt Hate, this time it’s a desi flavoured tracked preferred by the Ominous lads. The lyrics to the song sound tired and outdated, something we have all heard before. However this does not take away from the fact that the song is very good, once again the production is top notch, solid, you can tell from the first four songs, that nothing has been rushed!

With a Manak song re-sung earlier, the legend himself is providing the vocals himself on this song, Nachan Paiya, so what would be the worst thing Ominous Dj’s could have done to this song? Made it into a garage song? Tried putting a hip hop beat on it? Added a mc’s chatting some rubbish about whindin bumpers?, well thank god they did neither of those things and kept it desi. Manak’s vocals have been done perfect justice!

Everything is slowed down with Kal Gal Hor See, Lehmber back once again, that makes it 3 songs out of 6… I’ll leave it to you to make your own judgement from that! Back onto the song, this is one of the best on the album, Lehmber excels on slow songs, and this is another fine example of his skills. The song is a beautiful blend of soothing beats, with Kam Frantic providing the guitar. Probably one of the best slow songs Lehmber has done, a must listen!

The desi mix of Jatt Hate, well everything you would expect from a desi mix, the mix although does sound like a previous songs on this album, however it is always nice to have a desi remix of one of your favourite tracks. This song is good, but I can think of better desi versions of this song.

Onto the last song Boliyan, sung by… yeah you guessed it! Lehmber Hussianpuri, this maybe the album were I finally get sick of hearing his voice! The Boliyan is your straight up Boliyan, explosive vocals blended with a non stop kicking desi beat! It is a awesome song, and will defiantly get dancefloor packed!

If only Ominous Dj’s had included a few more songs on this album, production wise it is hard to fault this album, they have chosen the perfect vocalists, although they have over used Lehmber, this album was recorded when Lehmber was just reaching his peak, so at that time was considered the right decision. I cannot understand why in the space of those delays, why new tracks were not added, the Bhangra industry has changed over the past few years, and consumers EXPECT 10 GOOD songs on a album, minimum. Here we have 7 with 1 remix. However those 7 fresh tracks were all up to scratch, and I don’t say this often, but it will be hard to find a album out right now that matches this album.

Bar the album not having more tracks, everything about it from the video to promotion shows that real effort has been put into this album. Is it worth £10, yes… but ONLY because the quality of the 8 songs is to a very high standard! 7.5/10