Dj Waleya - Inderjit London [Exclusive Promos]

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Inderjit London has been in the industry for many years, not just singing but also dancing on a professional level. Inderjit has done choreography for 8 years for a dance group called ‘Bharan Panjab Diyan’, which has led him to perform in many films such as Bend It Like Beckham, Mohabbtein, Indian Bapu and Pop goes the Bhangra which is set to release soon.

As a singer Inderjit London has performed on big stages all around the world including melas and wedding parties. "Dj Waleya" is the 4th project for Inderjit London having released 3 previous albums, such as; London, Priceless and Nazraan. Inderjit has worked with writers such as; Jind Iqbal, Sukhvir Sodhi, Jassi Kesopuri and Boota Dhootan.

Dj Waleya is supported by 2 videos which can be viewed on the HERE .

Please keep you eyes out for this massive release, to pre-order or for more information please visit

Dj Waleya will be releasing early October 2007.


Track listing:

1) Dj Waleya

2) Jeeja Saali

3) Duaawan

4) Mellan

5) Sabheyachaar

6) Sang

7) Taur

8) Desi

9) Vlaitan Wale

10) Mehngi Cheez

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