Blitzkrieg - The Rhyme Book (Promos)

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When it comes to Indian MC’s, one name stands above the rest, Blitzkrieg.

Many find the name Blitzkrieg confusing or difficult to pronounce. However, Blitz views it as a living tribute to his friend Robby (whom chose the MC’s name). In 2003 Robby was the unfortunate victim of a triple homicide in Blitz’s hometown of Toronto. Blitz carries the name as a badge of honour and in memory of his lost friend.

The old saying "music speaks for itself" truly applies to Blitz. Without any money, connections, or record deal this artist has toured the world promoting his music, and gaining an aggressive street buzz through his vicious punch lines / intellectual lyrics.

UK fans were first introduced to Blitz in 2001 when his music was featured on Punjabi Mc’s online radio show "60 Minutes of Desi". Since than, Blitzkrieg has received critical acclaim from the likes of Marky Mark (Head of Music BBC Asian Network), Adil Ray, Bobby Friction & Nihal (Radio 1), and many others.

On the strength of his own talent, Blitz has collaborated with artists such as: Mentor Kolektiv, Tigerstyle, Bikram Singh, Punjabi Hit Squad, and Sona Family. His continuous grind and work ethic has resulted in performances at Glastonbury (2005), various mela’s, Sunkissed festival, Project Puerto Rico, as well as international licensing agreements with Universal Music and Times Music India.

Blitzkrieg’s debut album "The Rhyme Book" will be launching through VIP Records / Soldier Sound Recordings in October 2007. The album focuses on diversity providing something for every listener.

Features include: Tigerstyle, Mentor, Bikram Singh, Gunjan, Des-C, Roach Killa, Saq, Gurbax Shonki, Hollywood Harv, Bob Mann, Nikkita, & Dacoz.

The cutting edge video featuring Gunjan, Bikram Singh, and Roach Killa was directed by Jazz Virk (director of Jazzy B’s "Romeo" video) and will set a new standard for Asian music videos.

Blitz’s single "Juliet or Heer" produced by Mentor (featuring Des-C & Roach Killa) reached #6 on the BBC Asian Network Chart in August 2007.

The Rhyme Book is more than an album, it’s a statement. The new breed of Indian MC’s has arrived and will not follow the latest bhangra trends or what message boards have to say.

Blitz opens the pages of his "rhyme book" and invites listeners to read between the lines of his life experiences and personal views. Themes on the album range from politically conscious tracks, a dedication to friends who have passed away, nostalgic tv shows, the struggle of young Desi youth, club anthems, bhangra classics, and the essence of a typical desi chick in "Juliet or Heer".

If you are a fan of lyricism at its finest, make sure to buy "The Rhyme Book"!!!

The album ‘The Rhyme Book’ will be releasing early October 2007. For more information on the album and to pre-order the album please visit

Track listing:

1) My Life

2) Narm Kalja ft Gunjan

3) Way I Shine ft Nikitta

4) Primetime

5) Juliet or Heer ft Des-C, Roach Killa & Mentor

6) Verbal Ammunition ft Angel, Dj Jamb & Tigerstyle

7) Too Late

8) Skit ft Hollywood Harv, Bob Mann

9) Kuri Punjaban ft Gurbax Shonki

10) Don’t Get On The Train

11) Kamasutra Part 2

12) Time To Educate

13) Food For Thought

14) T-dot Anthem

15) Spell On Me ft Shveta

16) Pehle Tor Di Sharaab ft Bikram Singh

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+1 #1 Aleesha 2008-02-09 16:46
HeyyoOOoO I really enjoy yOur music :cheer:
Esspecially the fact that itZz an indian artist.. yOu make indians all Ova the wOrld prOud ;-)
Well DOne Blad

Aleesha, 13 xxx

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