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DJ A.P.S. - “Ghetto Blaster”

DJ A.P.S. is back again for the 9th time. The new album titled "GHETTO BLASTER" is for all his fans and also to introduce the style to a new audience. A.P.S. is promising that the 25 track mix tape will take over airwaves and the streets, again providing us with those trademark freestyle tracks and detailed mixing that have got better with time.

The hunger is clearly still there, and will show on this album with all new material. Lead singles are "Pug" "That A.P.S. Sh*t" "The Professional" "Bum Rush" and of course "Ghetto Blaster"

You can call him the King of Canada, the King of remixing, North America’s Greatest or whatever, but A.P.S. is a simple man who just cannot stop.

(Video Coming Very Soon)