Jeet Chahil feat. Kubs Matharu - Mele Vich Dhol Vajda (Out Now)

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Jeet Chahil Music and Star Box Entertainment present “Mele Vich Dhol Vajda”!

Honouring and saluting the modern sound of bhangra, Jeet Chahil’s newest collaboration featuring Kubs Matharu, “Mele Vich Dhol Vajda” glides effortlessly through the traditional elements of Punjab to the more modern pop beats of the western world.

Hailing from Kettering, England, Punjabi singer Jeet Chahil has established many hit singles such as “Mere Vaali” which featured none other than Shin DCS and Jeeti.

Previously, Jeet collaborated with Dr. Zeus with the energetic club track “Dance”. Now, in 2014, Jeet is back with a powerful vocal delivery with “Mele Vich Dhol Vajda” and is set to rock the dance floor.

The song is set to release worldwide via iTunes and all other leading digital platforms on the 29th May 2014, to coincide along with the forthcoming UK mela season. In the pipeline, Jeet is working on his debut album which has been pencilled in for a late 2014 release. Jeet has high hopes that this new offering will stimulate his existing global fan base whilst reaching out to a new audience.

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