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Sona Walia ft. Kam Frantic - Sardara (Out Now)


Sona Walia, the talent behind recent hit songs such as ‘Aashiqui’ , ‘Krazy Heer’ and ‘Lipstick’ is back with a new captivating sound - ‘Sardara’ aims to showcase Sona’s talents in a brand new light, with her diverse vocals set to captivate audiences!

The journey for the new single by Sona Walia, started a year ago when the original idea of celebrating the success of sardars was created.

‘Sardara’, promises to cater to individuals of all backgrounds whilst highlighting the inspirational achievements of sardars worldwide. Sona has teamed up with the one and only Bhangra music legend, Kam Frantic who as always, has given this single his own renowned sound. The lyrics have been crafted by the talented Sukhvir Sodhi.

‘Sardara’ promises to appeal to the masses and bhangra lovers all over the globe. The single begins with ‘Ratti Teri’, a famous folk song which then leads into a Bhangra dance track. The lyrics for the latter part of the single have been written with a feeling of glory; especially towards those who wear a turban and those whom have a sense of pride towards their heritage and background.

The new single by Sona truly shows her talent and versatility as she has created the composition, directed the music video and helped towards editing for the first time.

Sona would personally like to thank 'The Punjab dancers, Fusion Dancers, The Centre Banqueting, Southall, SWAT team, V S Promotions, and Arjun Singh junior all for their contributions towards the making of ‘Sardara’.