Sonu & Dalvinder Singh - Dil Teh Lagia (Out Now)

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Sonu & Dalvinder Singh are delighted to announce that their 3rd Single 'Dil Teh Lagia'' featuring Dalvinder on Production is out now WORLDWIDE - watch the video here.

This will be music to the ears for SONU and Dalvinder Fans. Dalvinder once again showcases his fantastic production skills with " DIL TEH LAGIA" .

Sonu is very excited about this single as he hopes this song and others to follow will be to a wider, global audience which has been a major goal for him from day one.

Sonu once again delivers great vocals for this addictive uptempo ballad the music produced by

Dalvinder complements the vocals beautifully and provides the perfect match to the song.

The single promises to be a smash hit as the previous two hits from Sonu, hitting the BBC UK ASIAN DOWNLOAD TOP TEN...

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