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Benny Dhaliwal & Aman Hayer - Khora 2 (Out Now)

Benny Dhaliwal is back with a brand new album titled 'Khora 2' - with music provided by Aman Hayer! The album is set to release Summer 2013.

Benny Dhaliwal first burst onto the Asian music scene in July 2010 when he featured on the compilation album 'Pure Platinum' - he's debut single was titled 'De De Dil' and was produced by Aman Hayer. From then Benny would go to feature on 'The Entourage' compilation album with the single 'Hai Oye' & also the collaboration single 'Ajj Nachna' alongside Aman Hayer, Dev Dhillon & Angrez Ali!

2011 saw Benny Dhaliwal release his long awaited debut album, titled 'Va Vai Va' (music by Aman Hayer) the album featured the memorable single  'Va Vai Va' (Yaar Mera Ghodeh Varga), Kuri Meri Haan Di (feat Roach Killa) and the stand out single 'Remember'.

Benny returned in late 2012 with the single 'Oh Kuri' and recently released a further single 'Maa' alongside DJ Dips.

Are you looking forward to the new album 'Khora 2'