DJ Dips ft H Dhami & Garry Sandhu - Teri Wargi (Out Now)

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'Teri Wargi' is the long awaited collaboration between DJ Dips featuring H Dhami & Garry Sandhu! The single is set to release 23rd May via iTunes.

Only one guy was truly capable of bringing together the best young Panjabi talent from the east and the west and combining their voices on one track and that is DJ Dips. Known for his dance floor smashes 'Ik Gal' 'Gera De De', 'Nachale Sanu Naal', and more recently provided the music for D-Sarb's 'Panni' and Benny Dhaliwal's 'Maa', Dips is the go to producer choice of many young artists. From the UK MC's on 'This DJ' to working with Nav Sidhu, female artist Kee and newcomer Arun Sidhu.

Dips and Garry have released many tracks together and have a long-standing musical friendship. Tracks such and 'Ik Gal', 'Din Raat' and the huge hit 'Tohar' have proven that the collaboration is very successful. 'Teri Wargi' is set to be another hit to add to their collection. This time teaming up with UK Asian music scene sensation H-Dhami.

This track brings together the two talents in a desi number which is true to DJ Dips style of presenting Bhangra with a fresh and up-to-date sound, without losing the authenticity of the genre. A number which will appeal to spectrum of Bhangra music fans and have people of all ages singing and dancing along on the dance floor.

'Tere Wargi' from DJ Dips featuring H-Dhami and Garry Sandhu is out 23/05/13 on 4Play Recordings.

Check out the trailer below.



Peter Singh
+4 #8 Peter Singh 2013-05-14 18:17
What pile of rubbish......Th ese guys need to give up especially Hdhami just try way too hard
-7 #7 RB 2013-05-07 22:42
Paakeh Chanjara Gideh Vich Nachdiii......

What a banger

Exclusively on radio 1 tonight
+6 #6 tigerjatt 2013-05-07 20:35
track sucks
+9 #5 Realist. 2013-05-05 12:52
Groupie girl anthem of the the under 18's go wild for this!
+9 #4 Weeman 2013-05-05 12:20
H Dhami graps the mic at 0:11 and takes the mic forward, but (awkwardly) the mic pushes his hand back (for a second time) lol.
+5 #3 Jayzzz 2013-05-05 12:05
Lol, such a LAME video clip aswell!
They look like they're trying too hard.
+9 #2 DJ CHIPS 2013-04-25 13:02
yo i swear dipz tweeted tht this dj was gonna be mixed n masterd so yh i suppose it shud be out soon and he tweeted tht hes workin on stand up volume 2
+25 #1 GT-ROAD-TE 2013-04-25 11:35
teaser is pointless mann!!

when will artists/labels learn.. no one wants to see this shit!

anddd if its out in APRIL, i assume its releasing by next Tuesday?!

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