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Davz Singh - Pyaar (Out Now)

Young and talented Davz Singh can only be described as having a sweet yet delicate vocal. He is currently under classical instruction and is focussing on developing and perfecting his art. Set to release his debut single 'Pyaar' alongside TRG Music soon!

Pyaar (feat. Davz Singh) - Single - Storm DJ

Davz Singh has the ability to touch hearts with his warm vocal and flamboyant style, infusing different styles of both raag and compositions seamlessly. Armed with wealth of knowledge, the talented young vocalist is set to release his eagerly anticipated single, a move which will undoubtedly excite the UK Bhangra fans worldwide.

Davz Singh is preparing to release his debut single this month, marking a huge stage in the career of vocals, compositions and arrangements. Davz Singh, who lives in Bedford, UK, has just put the final touches to the DEBUT single, and is preparing for the imminent release which will hopefully build upon his fan base and get his music heard by more people than ever.

The single titled 'Pyaar’, consists of fresh and innovative sounds capturing creativity and vibrant new music, with the single providing a combination of high-energy guitar playing, harmonious mandolin pieces, melodious vocals and heartfelt lyrics.

The single was recorded at TRG Music Studio’s in the UK, and its creation was supported by musicians who have been associated with DCS, The Loft Experience and Storm DJ’s Roadshow. It was produced and mixed by Storm DJ in collaboration with Steve Ajit (Project Asia) and mastered by Amit Rai and Maro @ High Street Studios Records, London, UK the man behind some of the finest work in the Bhangra industry. Additional Drum Programming was also supported by one of the finest percussionists in the industry Sunil Kalyan.

The theme of the single and forthcoming singles underlies the versatility of the young artist applying a contemporary yet vibrant style. It was this that allowed him to thrive off the new opportunities presented to him, to explore fresh sounds and develop his own musical style.

Pyaar’ reveals the stunning array of influences that have found their way into Davz Singh’s music. Whilst his grounding came in traditional Indian Classical music – His love for heavy Bass Lines enhanced by strong percussion offers foundations as to the diversity of his unique sound.

The single will be launched shortly airing on all music channels. It will also be available via all major retail outlets such as iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody. Fans are encouraged to visit his Labels website (, which provides everything you could want to know about the young artist. As well as checking out videos and photos of him in action, you can also leave feedback; receive news and information about upcoming gigs and new releases.