Resham Singh Anmol - Propose (Out Now)

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‘Propose’ is the new single by Resham Singh Anmol featuring music by world renowned production duo Tigerstyle!


‘Propose’ is a special Valentines Day themed song & is dedicated to all those young lovers who will be proposing to their loved ones!

Resham Singh Anmol most recent release was his album ‘Dil Mangdi’ which featured production from the world renowned DJ Sanj & Gurmeet Singh.

Resham has gained vocal skills and knowledge from Late Shri Kuldeep Manak and Sardar Dev Thrike Wala. Resham has also performed several times on stage, with the legendary Late Shri Kuldeep Manak. Resham looks up to Late Shri Kuldeep Manak as his idol; both Late Shri Kuldeep Manak and Sardar Dev 3kwala believe that Resham has the talent and capability to be a world class Panjabi singer.

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Propose - Single - Resham Singh Anmol


0 #13 LostinBhangra 2013-02-14 06:49
Raj from tigerstyle gave a response to someone who posted the comments from here on twitter. I think he said that when they produce their own stuff they have creative freedom but when they produce for artists they have to adjust to what the artist wants.

Makes sense and explains why their production is so different from one project to the next.

This song is average and so is the singer. The production is decent. The beats they gave to Nishawn Bhullar and Rimz J were better.
lovely jatt
0 #12 lovely jatt 2013-02-09 22:07
everyone has right to propose ,,,lets whats response
jeona morh
+1 #11 jeona morh 2013-02-09 21:53
i love kangna and heer di kali ,kangna song is mile stone in resham carrier he should sing this type of song more and more romantic song suits him
-2 #10 Realist. 2013-02-07 03:48
So the same person comments twice first as LEEMAN...which is a lame copy of the name WEEMAN, and then as Hoaresriders which is firstly a spelling mistake it should be horse, and secondly its a copy of the name goat rider. Ok now we got that cleared...Mr Resham is an alright singer, but he has to be judged on the level of artists from India and on that level he's not that great.
The kangna song your rating so much is lyrically shit; i cant believe so many artists get away with such wack lyrics...the production is also standard. I see Mr Anmol as being a short term artist that UK producers use at the moment because he probably doesnt charge much for vocals and he'll be un-heard of by the end of 2013 (at least outside of india).
-1 #9 hoaresriders 2013-02-07 03:35
Just downloaded a copy of Kangna song from iTunes. Brilliant song. Now I can say with full confidence, screw all you haters. Finnaly really good music to blast out from a Bhangra artist
0 #8 Leeman 2013-02-07 03:30
haters can only hate. I love Heer di kali a lot & have great respect for Dev 3 k wala. i know who are the haters. Shitttttttttttt
+1 #7 hatehatehate 2013-02-07 00:38
hey haters, go get a life. Or pick up an instrument and start making your own music.
-2 #6 Aneela 2013-02-06 19:55
and again theres nothing much to talk about, its just music, no vocals or anything. i completely agree with chinajatt, they make really good beats but they arent as good when they work with other artists. tbh im not looking forward to this at all!
Pop  Star
-1 #5 Pop Star 2013-02-06 17:28
Quoting chinajatt:
tigerstyle only make the good beats for their album they dont work as hard for anyone this guy was always shit he got conned

Tigerstyle are con artists just like their label Soldier sound recordings
-2 #4 chinajatt 2013-02-06 17:04
heer di kali was a weak atempt at manaks tere tele to when dev thareekwala rewrote it for this resham dude i lost respect for him
+1 #3 TeenuZ 2013-02-06 16:38
This guy is not a ordinary singer. i am a big fan of his hit tracks like Kangna, Surma, Dil Mangdi, heer di kali, Nakhro. Best of luck bro
+5 #2 chinajatt 2013-02-04 18:28
tigerstyle only make the good beats for their album they dont work as hard for anyone this guy was always shit he got conned

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