Gin & Rees - Tenu Pyar Karan (Out Now)

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Dynamic duo Gin & Rees are definitely ‘getting that loving feeling’ with their Valentine’s track ‘Tenu Pyar Karan’, out now, just in time for all those enchanted couples to serenade their loved ones!

‘Tenu Pyar Karan’ a beautiful and melodic duet features the powerful vocals of the legendary Nirmal Sidhu alongside up and coming Bollywood playback singer Ravneet Renu, and is the perfect track to celebrate the world’s most romantic day.

This soulful Valentines track produced by the brothers follows in the wake of two outstanding tracks in 2012, 'Sanu Teh Changa' and 'Dil Aj Nachan Nuh', that saw the talented pair shoot to the top of the industry and the charts. There is no doubt that with their rich musical heritage and a proven, trend-setting talent, Gin & Rees are innovating their way into original sound territory, as musicians, composers and producers.

With a video set against the stunning landscapes of Himachal Pradesh, ‘Tenu Pyar Karan’ is set to be not only a classic love song for but sure to become an anthem for many a proposal and first dance for the future!

'Tenu Pyar Karan' is available for pre-order from iTunes from the 1st Feb 2013.

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Tenu Pyar Karan (feat. Nirmal Sidhu & Ravneet Renu) - Single - Gin & Rees


0 #2 ricteh 2013-02-10 22:32
Quoting dippaa:
Much better stuff from Nirmal, his album was a flop!

Nirmal is a good singer needs a new label lol
+2 #1 dippaa 2013-02-05 20:39
Much better stuff from Nirmal, his album was a flop!

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