Harv Randhawa - Sadi Jaan (Out Now)

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MK2 Media presents the first of five projects for 2013 with the release of ‘Sadi Jaan’ by enigmatic producer and musician Harv Randhawa, featuring the vocals of Pammi Singh and penned by Jagga Nikkuwal. The new single is a ballad which breaks all the conventional rules of Panjabi love songs by encompassing experimental and diverse sounds, whilst retaining the familiar emotion one would expect.

Having released many Sikhi and Bhangra songs over the past 3 years, and also being part of the re-emerging dance music scene under an alias,Harv Randhawa is no stranger to the world of music. Describing himself as an open-minded, innovative and passionate producer, his influences range from Mukhtar Sahota, Ravi Bal, Rishi Rich to Dr Dre, The Neptunes and Scott Storch.

2013 will see Harv deliver on his promise of bringing Panjabi music to an international audience by experimenting with, what some would consider, obscure sounds from around the world coupled with his own unique and original concepts.

In an industry which has at times been overshadowed by a ‘ghostly’ presence, MK2 Media are on a mission to bring back real music by real artists.
Sadi Jaan will be releasing on 14th February on ITunes.

Sadi Jaan (feat. Pammi Singh) - Single - Harv Randhawa


minda dhal
+3 #3 minda dhal 2013-02-18 10:01
Quoting pepsi max:
for me its the love song so far of 2013.
is there a video for it ?

"love song so far of 2013" don't think so, thogh not bad and has nice vibe to it

good introduction but shuld had a video or some thing
pepsi max
+3 #2 pepsi max 2013-02-15 11:18
for me its the love song so far of 2013.
is there a video for it ?
+9 #1 respect 2013-02-13 18:54
ok heard promo and i love it
BUT what i love even more is that they have put the singer AND lyrcist name on the song.
thats respect,nowaday s no one bothers even to the point where the videos dont even have the singer OR even credit the singer.
RESPECT ! labels take note, this is how to do it

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