Jay Status & DJ Sanj - Meri Jaan Jaan (Out Now)

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The dangerous duo of Jay Status & DJ Sanj return for the fourth time in 2012 for their brand new single 'Meri Jaan' - out now on Moviebox!

Meri Jaan Jaan - Single - Jay Status

With the teaser set to release next week via Youtube, can exclusively reveal that 'Meri Jaan' will be a throwback to the classic RnB & Hip Hop sound of DJ Sanj. The video has been shot by Filmlore (Chugliyan & Katal Kare) and is set to 'shock & awe'!

With the sucess of the Chugliyan, Mukhada and the huge 'Katal Kare', 'Meri Jaan' will showcase a new side to Jay Status, who has been nominated as both 'Best Male' & 'Best Newcomer' at the Brit Asia Music Awards 2012.

JAY STATUS & DJ SANJ are back with their brand new single “MERI JAAN JAAN” which is the follow-up to the chart topping single “MUKHADA”.

“MERI JAAN JAAN” is produced by DJ SANJ who has been working very closely with JAY STATUS over the last year nurturing him alongside MOVIEBOX which has ultimately led to JAY STATUS winning the Best Newcomer Award @ The BritAsia Tv Music Awards 2012.

DJ SANJ rocked 2012 with 4 hit singles “BEWAFA”, “CHUGLIYAN”, “KATAL KARE” & “MUKHADA” spending 6 six weeks on the official Asian download chart as the number 1 selling artist. DJ SANJ will now be getting ready for his next release which is “BAD BOYZ” the album featuring the lead single with NACHHATAR GILL.

JAY STATUS is a British born Punjabi Singer/Artist who has made a massive impact in the UK music industry over the last 8 months and is on track to continue building a massive fan base over the years to come.


+1 #9 aanisah15 2012-12-24 14:15
ur music is sickkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkk man carry on especially the song call meri jaan
-1 #8 0000 2012-11-01 20:19
top track great vocals and production reminds me bit of imran khan
+9 #7 canucks98 2012-10-25 09:00
A trailer with no sound from the up coming track???? Whats the point of making a trailer then!!! Thats the worst and unnecessary trailer ever
Shawl in jatt
+2 #6 Shawl in jatt 2012-09-26 18:49
These guys seem to be releasing a track every bloody week, it all sounds the same. Old dogs new tricks different toilet same shhhit
+3 #5 kk21bhakar-roath97 2012-09-23 14:27
Jay Status and Dj-Sanj have smashed it this year, Jay Status should deffo win some awards! Don't know if I'm looking forward to this new track though, the cover of the simgle looks pretty naff tbh
+6 #4 TheBigBoss 2012-09-21 18:45
why do they have to release every single track off the album??

taking milking it to a whole new level lol
+1 #3 Realist. 2012-09-21 17:55
I guess they let [censored] [censored] [censored] do the photoshop job on the above looks really amature and unprofessional! !!
Jixx Paal
+7 #2 Jixx Paal 2012-09-21 16:34
DJ Sanj and Jay Status have been the best combo of 2012 and should each win a few awards in an ideal world.
+4 #1 BhangraFREAK!! 2012-09-21 11:35
Jay status should 'walk' the best newcomer category!!

Best male should go to Jazzy B probably for 'Maharajas'

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