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Bonafide release Feel it Sohniye

The BONAFIDE boys are back with their brand new video ‘FEEL IT SOHNIYE’ which has hit screens across the world and is OUT NOW!


Once again here to put their trademark on the urban desi beats, they are providing a feel good video and tune for their first musical hit of 2012. This time they are doing it bigger and better with some of the best SUPER CARS and SUPER BIKES appearing in their video provided by the world ENKHANZ (Nav Khan). And then look out for cameos from the Badman himself HUMZA ARSHAD (Diary of a Badman) and the world’s biggest Asian DJ JAGS KLIMAX. You know BONAFIDE are back with a bang with a video as explosive as this!

The video produced by BALLISTIC PRODUCTIONS gives us a luxurious look at the BONAFIDE boys with a sleek and sexy video making sure that you do feel it! And with some great cameos you know this video will put a smile on your face, so what are you waiting for? Check it out now!

The cool sexy beat is going to have you hooked from start to finish with its summery beat, laid back style and catchy lyrics. The BONAFIDE boys want you to feel it, need it and want it. Energetic music, fast-paced action and flowing lyrics, this one is one not to be missed!!