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Navin Kundra Releases Fan-Made Music Video

Navin recently announced that he would be creating a music video…with a twist, for his single, ‘Nach Le’.  No lavish sets or fancy cameras, instead, the singer invited his fans to be featured as part of the special online video by sending in clips of themselves dancing to the song.


“I have always wanted to bring my fans further into the creative process and this was a way that they could be a part of my latest release”, explained Navin.  “It shows real people having a great time and letting go to ‘Nach Le.  That embodies all that I believe about music…it’s an escape from everything and I love how that’s captured in this video.”

Putting the footage together was no easy task for Navin and his team as he explains, “we received so many video entries for this project and we sat watching through each one to pick the best.  They came in all shapes and sizes with some being recorded on high quality video cameras, and others simply on mobile phones.  There were so many clips that we wanted to use, but couldn’t because of the quality of the footage.”

This single comes as a follow up to Navin’s smash hit collaboration of ‘Nach Le (On The Dancefloor)’ with upcoming Brit-Asian boyband 3mix.  Whilst the main chorus is the same on both tracks, Navin’s solo single is sung entirely in Punjabi and has a stronger Desi/Punjabi edge.

Navin added, “I’ve had so much fun putting this video together and would like to say a massive thank you to everyone that sent their clips in to be a part of this video.  I hope you enjoy it and please share the video online with your friends so they can enjoy it too.”