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Culture Shock release Wrath Of Kahn

After the success of Culture Shock 2: Blackmarket fans have been eagerly awaiting new music from the trio. With a hectic tour schedule and demand for public appearances the boys have still found time to get into the studio and start track on Culture Shock2.5 Legaltender the Mixtape releasing Feb 7 2012.

With tracks showcasing Lomaticc’s smooth delivery and a few Punjabi club Bangers by Sunny Brown the trio thought why not let Canada’s number one club DJ show off what he does best! One month prior to the release of the mixtape the trio has given us a Baba Kahn DJ mix of all the new tracks.

“It was amazing to see Baba Kahn in action. When a DJ is in his element and doing what he loves to the energy in the room is amazing and we could see why Baba Kahn quickly became one of the biggest DJ’s globally” mentioned Lomaticc who also assisted on production of the DJ mix.

Baba Kahn discusses how “The DJ Mix was an idea we came up with while recording the mixtape. I was excited to get the music out to fans and what better way than to give the fans a preview of all the new tracks mashed up with today’s biggest hits”

Wrath Of Kahn is available for download only at The Official Culture Shock Fanpage