Samita to release 'This Love'

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The single “This Love” by Samita is the first R&B release taken from the album “Golden Touch” which features exclusive remixes by DJ and Producer Ammo, Trance DJ and Producer Tranquil Storm.  It also features the Bollyscape Remix by Mehi (1000 Years) (Point Of Xstaci) (Boliyaan) ft Mehi on vocals as well as a live bonus version accompanied by composer Pianist Beatrix Forbes.

{audio}media/Music/Nov11/Samita - This Love Snippets.mp3{/audio} Listen Here!

Although R&B in style, the idea behind the varied remix styles were inspired by Djinn and Samita who believe in the importance of varied styles when it comes to remixes.

The Single “This Love” is a blend of Old Skool R&B with a fresh approach. It is a mid tempo ballad influenced R&B song which focuses on the frustrations of a woman’s trust broken by the one she devotes herself to.

In Samita’s own words. I love this style of Music. I grew up on it and I feel there Isn’t enough real RnB on the mainstream anymore. I want to try my hardest to bring it back and hopefully this is what this single will begin to do”. The message I really wanted to get out to the women in the world who have been hurt was that we do get hurt in relationships, but it’s important to move forward and gain strength to pick up the pieces in order to learn from the experience”.

Samita “This Love” is out on Djinn Music – 9th Jan 2012

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