Binder & Jind - English Daru (Out Now)

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The Father and Son Duo ‘  Binder and Jind’- join hands to create a storm with its most awaited single “ English Daru”- From their forthcoming album “  Like Father Like Son.”  Watch the Full Video Here!


The music on the album is given by Urban Bhangra UK group RDB & Jind. The album features a unique blend of soulful r ‘n’ b with a mix of traditional Punjabi Bhangra beats.

The upbeat single is widely appreciated by’ party’ club goers who wish to kick of their dancing shoes and have a good time with their friends.  Its USP is simple- drink, dance and enjoy life to the fullest.

“ After many years of working with some amazing producers, I feel excited to have my comeback single launched with in-house lyrics, music and vocals. I thoroughly enjoyed the making of the video and thank the loyal listeners for their great support and patience shown after three years of hard work making this album,” stated Binder.

Talents of two different generations are embedded in this album, to create an educative and inspiring message amongst others’.

“Desi ness” is not something that is acquired but, comes from within, “ You don’t have to drink Desi to be Desi”, says Binder.

“ Throughout years of learning the theory of music, I feel blessed to be signed by Three Records and given the opportunity to show my musical capabilities’ alongside my Father. I’ve had an amazing experience working on our first official release, and I am excited to see the response of this much anticipated track” quoted Jind.

Album is released by “  Three Records” music given by “ RDB” & “Jind”. The highlight is the fact that both individually recognized profiles of father and son have come together in this fun filled record to create a symbolic touch of experience on two different generations


Catalog Number: TRDD013

Artist: Binder & Jind

Track: English Daru

Music: RDB

Launched Date: Already Out.


itunes Link:


-2 #9 Hmm 2011-12-23 11:15
"born drunk" hahaha :D

Ok back to the serious part. Every kind of drinking, wether it's [censored] or not [censored], shouldn't be promoted at ALL!

I believe more people die of drinking than aids. The only difference is, with aids you are almost certain to die of it, while drinking is a question of slow suicide.

Had to many family members who died of drinking problems.
Pop star
-1 #8 Pop star 2011-12-23 11:07
Pop star to Simran cowell, you must be the artist trying to justify this crap track, and the message!
Fact: they are all piss heads in the video and when they run out they encourage to drink beer.
you also state that what's the point to not encourage to drink?? You prick because that is a posative message.
Fact: alcohol is a bigger killer compared to any drug on the market!

Lol some ppl are born drunk lol
Simran Cowell
-1 #7 Simran Cowell 2011-12-22 02:39
Quoting Hmm to Simran:
lol what a good excuse. Let's encourage people to drink english instead of [censored] daru at least LOL!!

Why not encourage them to don't drink at all?

Are you living in the real world? The majority of people will always drink so you're wasting your time telling them not to. At least promote safe, tested alcohol over death-trap [censored] daru.

The track is wicked and a step in the right direction from [censored] daru tracks.
Hmm to Simran
-2 #6 Hmm to Simran 2011-12-21 11:09
lol what a good excuse. Let's encourage people to drink english instead of [censored] daru at least LOL!!

Why not encourage them to don't drink at all?
+2 #5 REALIST 2011-12-21 10:30
Simran Cowell...its still a shit track!
at the end of the day telling people to drink alcohol be it [censored] or produced in factorys is still giving a negative message!
Simran Cowell
-3 #4 Simran Cowell 2011-12-21 01:13
No 'flop star', go learn punjabi. the meaning of the track is that despite drinking english daru, we will still celebrate punjabi style (bahrak punjabi marage). Also, as a pose to people drinking harmless and untested '[censored] daru' which has killed boys in india only recently. But you would prefer that right popstar? dik

Think before you type bullshit next time flop star u PRICK. vocals are class, track is not bad and lyrics have deeper meaning which is good, although some of the verses could've delved a bit deeper.

Class dismissed.
pop star
0 #3 pop star 2011-12-20 20:35
so in the video he gives Saltaire Brewery Beer insted!

mr A.J
-1 #2 mr A.J 2011-12-20 18:19
"You don't have to drink [censored] to be [censored]"

Brilliant song!!
Pop star
+1 #1 Pop star 2011-12-20 16:25
What a great message!! Drunken pricks! Not all punjabi ppl are piss heads! 0/10

Video 0/10

Music: 0/10

Overall you guessed it 0/10

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