RV Narang - Electro Bhangra (Out Now)

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After the huge Top 40 success of ‘Teriyan Akhiyan’ RV Narang is back with his new single Electro Bhangra.

This is the third single from RV who once again remained firmly loyal to his Newcastle upbringing by working with local producer ‘Freekstar’.

The track is best described as a cutting-edge dance floor anthem with a Desi Twist. The lyrics written by RV Narang capture the euphoric dance floor feeling.

The track is inspired by Electro Dance Music but still keeps the traditional Indian elements of the Dhol and Tumbi, producing an upbeat and modern collaboration.  The single will be accompanied with a lavish music video, which will show case RV Narang as never seen before…

“This song is very different to my previous two singles which were romantic Punjabi songs with Electro Bhangra everyone can expect the unexpected’’

RV Narang is firmly locked away in the studio working on his debut album expected to release in 2012.  Electro Bhangra is released worldwide digitally and is available on iTunes and all other popular digital music stores.


Electro Bhangra - Single - RV Narang


Pop star
0 #6 RE: RV Narang - Electro Bhangra (Out Now)Pop star 2011-12-21 14:10
I agree 100% with Hmm!! I have had a listen to the full track... And what a load of pants!!

1: the guy can not sing
2 music is not the best, seems like a bedroom job.

0/10 don't bother about the video... Cos he gonna get the truth about that to lol
0 #5 RE: RV Narang - Electro Bhangra (Out Now)Hmm 2011-12-21 13:26
Oh god. Another one of those "let me see you do it better", "hater", "he is bringing something new", "give him a chance" etc.

What a lame excuse to be in the industry. When did the listener ever been required to "prove" his was better? So if the "listener" can't do it better, does that mean he/she should go with any bullshit?

Just because you couldn't anything to stop the Iraq war, does it justify the killing of innocents because you couldn't do better?

(Tough example, but get the fricking point!)
unwanted comments
-1 #4 RE: RV Narang - Electro Bhangra (Out Now)unwanted comments 2011-12-21 12:06
no need to put down someones talent, i like to see one of u'z make a better track
0 #3 manghi 2011-12-17 00:49
only simplybhangra is tasteless to put this utter tripe up
Pop star
0 #2 RE: RV Narang - Electro Bhangra (Out Now)Pop star 2011-12-16 10:12
You got to give this guy some credit! He is soo crap he makes me laugh!
At least he puts a smile on on my face! Lol
-1 #1 RE: RV Narang - Electro Bhangra (Out Now)Hmm 2011-12-15 20:21
Who ever made this former tune "a huge success", are f***** deaf and probably his friends or family.

Another joke of a song is added to his long list of funny jokes.

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