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Sukhbir Josan ft. Bakshi Billa - Valeti Boy (Out Now)

Digidhol Media announce the official promo of Sukhbir Josan's debut single Valeti Boy. Releasing on the 21/07/11, the single will be available at all leading digital outlets, such as iTunes, Amazon and 7 digital.


It has been a long time coming to say the least, but Sukhbir Josan is finally set to make his mark with the release of his debut single Valeti Boy. Definitely one of the most exciting prospects to come through this year and an artist to watch out for.

The single features the vocals of Bakshi Billa and lyrics by Harinder Singh. Both very talented artists in their own right. Born and bred in Bedford, Sukhbir had a passion for music since a very young age.

He began learning the tabla, a classical Indian instrument from two very well respected teachers. Ustad Aftab Nicholson and Ustad Ranjit Singh Sokhi. For sure, Sukhbir firmly believes without their guidance this journey may never have evolved. Many artists today believe that the tabla is key in developing ones musical knowledge.

This was also quoted to Sukhbir by Hunters, a well respected artist in the industry. Learning the tabla allowed Sukhbir to develop his skills on other percussion instruments such as the Dhol and Dholki which both require similar notation. Having developed a sound understanding about percussion, Sukhbir felt he needed to concentrate on melodious instruments such as the tumbi, algozey and sarangi, the later taught by Gurdial Singh Lakhpur Dhadi Jatha.

Finally, Ishers one of the most talented vocalists from the UK, taught Sukhbir the scales of the harmonium and how to do riyaz (Vocal training). This combined knowledge of different instruments has given Sukhbir a solid foundation in his musical journey.

Valeti Boy - Single - Sukhbir Josan