Dj Harvey - The Album (Out Now)

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This isn't just another BHANGRA album, this is a collection of some of the finest vocalists on the Punjabi music scene fused with the eclectic sounds of DJ HARVEY's authentic production. Ladies and Gentleman...

Since the Summer of 2010 DJ HARVEY has dropped a number of BIG tunes (Enhi Sohni, Giddha, Tere Naal and Bindrakhia Boliyan) - showing the versatility of him as a credible producer.

THE ALBUM showcases a variety of DJ HARVEY's musical influences - a reflection of the melting pot of music he grew up with.

There's Desi flavors with singers like Jaswinder Daghamia and the Late Kaka Bhainiawala. The essence of Bollywood romance is captured with Jaz Dhami's first duet. The Urban sound is bought alive with the vocals of Javed Bashir and Miss Pooja.

DJ HARVEY on making THE ALBUM "Working with artists like Javed Bashir, Jayshree Shivram and Nirmal Sidhu has been such a huge learning curve in my career. Encompassing all that I love musically with everything I've learnt through my musical background has allowed me to put this album out there. I'm overwhelmed by the support I've received from fans, the past year has been amazing."

The journey from musician to producer for DJ HARVEY has culminated in the sounds of THE ALBUM. It's one that will surely make you reach for the repeat button. You may have heard many producers say that - DJ HARVEY is a producer who delivers.

Catching with Dj Harvey

DJ Harvey feat Miss Pooja & General Levy - Enhi Sohni (Full Video)

DJ Harvey feat Jaswinder Daghamia - Giddha (Video)

Dj Harvey ft. Jaz Dhami & Jayshree Shivram - Tere Naal (Video)

Dj Harvey's - Tere Naal Acoustic Remix (Free Download)

DJ Harvey ft Nirmal Sidhu - Bindrakhia Boliyan (Full Video)

The Album - DJ Harvey


-1 #6 0000 2011-10-08 17:59
Album is really good though
0 #5 0000 2011-10-07 22:22
why is the sound louder on the left speaker on the original cd then these artists complain no one buys originals.
0 #4 folknfunky 2011-07-20 12:50
So for me to judge something i must do an album to!?? ..what sort of BS is that!.

if artist's dont want people to judge or have an opinion on their work then don't get into the game then.

i'm sick for all these groupies of artist's jumping on messageboards and whatever writing "don't something yourself!" what sort of shit is that, if mans want to give an opinion then tough shit deal with it.

tbh 90% of these so called artist's need to learn to do the work themselves, this joker Harvey can't produce nothing, his so fake you can see it a mile off.
Bhangra Lover
+1 #3 Bhangra Lover 2011-07-19 12:54
Quoting HSB from the Bay:
People stop hating and do something yourself then talk.

Lol, tell that to DJ Harvey first... he don't do his own music... it's all done by KAM FRANTIC!!!
HSB from the Bay
-1 #2 HSB from the Bay 2011-07-12 03:11
People stop hating and do something yourself then talk.
0 #1 prezi 2011-07-11 19:29
All the good tracks out already, whats left on the album? Any tracklisting?

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