Mukhtar Sahota & Harbhajan Shera - Khazana (Out Now)

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‘Internalmusic’ presents ‘Khazana’, an album with a combination of the unique Music Production style from Mukhtar Sahota and vocals by Harbhajan Shera.

The album covers a range of musical genres, from pop/dance tracks to more emotional and momentous tracks, including Bhangra, Rock, Arabic, and Reggae.

The album consists of 10 tracks and has been Produced, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Mukhtar Sahota at his studios in the UK.”

‘Khazana’ is an opulence of a musical experience, an album to be treasured….

Track Listing:

1) Dukh Thor Dithe

2) Khazana

3) Hauli Nach

4) Aaja Veh

5) Kala Tika

6) Mitraan Ne

7) Kehar

8) Tut Gayein

9) Sap Da Bahana

10) Khazana Flashback

Pre-Order The Album ‘Khazana’ Now From Itunes Album ‘Khazana’ OUT 21st JULY 2011 by Mukhtar Sahota & Harbhajan Shera

Pre-Order available NOW -

Song - Dukh Thor Dithe
Album - Khazana
Singer - Harbhajan Shera
Music - Mukhtar Sahota
Lyrics - Yaadwinder Pamma
Label - Internalmusic UK

Khazana - Mukhtar Sahota & Harbhajan Shera
Dukh Thor Dithe - Single - Mukhtar Sahota & Harbhajan Shera


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This album is amazing great live instruments and the vocals are also top class

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