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Lil Amit ft Late Kaka Bhaniawala - Nachdi (Out Now)

Here’s a sneak-peak at Lil Amit’s next music project – ‘Nachdi’ - Featuring the vocals of the talented late Kaka Bhaniawala and music by Jeeti, ‘Nachdi’ will be releasing 21st July.

As a DJ Lil Amit is surrounded by music day in day out. He has built up a reputation as an entertaining DJ, who knows his music and knows what works for the dance floor. Having spent years listening, playing and mixing music by others, Lil Amit wanted to to create something from his own musical ideas. Working with talented and renowned producer Jeeti, Lil Amit was able to communicate his vision and creativity and the result is a feel-good party Bhangra number featuring the vocals of the legendary late Kaka Bhaniawala.

Lil Amit has also chosen to be very transparent about his musical endeavor and credit those involved in bringing his ideas to life. He does not claim to be a producer, but a passionate and dedicated DJ who is presenting and directing his ideas through this project.

'Nachdi' is releasing on iTunes on Thursday 21st July through ABC Digital.

Lil Amit Presents: Nachdi - Single - Kaka Bhainiawala