Hani releases 'Do It' Video

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He loves his guitar. He loves playing it real fast. If you ask him “ Why do you play it real fast?” He’d say “It gives me flexible fingers!” you’d ask “ Why do you want flexible fingers?” He’d say “ It helps me play the guitar real fast”. He thinks this makes sense, argue you all you want…In fact, he has spent so much time playing those tunes that he always has to say his own name in the right key ( B Minor to be precise), otherwise he gets a stomach upset.

And he loves to sing and he loves singing loud, really loud. The only thing worse than being a loud singer’s neighbour ( no matter how good the singer might be) is being the neighbour of a loud “BAD” singer. Thankfully he falls in the first category; ask his neighbours. Honest.

He is a simple man. He likes burgers, and he likes fries and he especially likes fries drowning deep in ketchup as if calling for help and mercy . He believes in living it up and living for the moment; obviously he has not seen that Tomorrow Never Dies movie. Lets hope he never does.

He has seen half the world and he speaks four languages. If he wanted he could get a job as a college professor teaching anthropology and make a decent living. But he would rather have you read this than give you a 1000 word essay on African Zebras. You agree right?

But on a serious note, He is a simple man with a simple ambition: To take his guitar and his songs , anywhere and everywhere; To make the world move with his beats; To make people laugh and cry with his tunes; to pour the music out of his heart and immerse the whole world deep in it…. And of course to get a free occasional chicken wings meal offered by a fan but you don’t have to offer that if you don’t want to.

His name is Hani… and Hani ‘s message is simple: Music is what moves you, that is what Hani was born for and that is what he has strived to attempt. He hopes you can join him in his amazing venture down the rabbit hole!!

Produced by Mr H.
Directed by Akash Sam.
Mixed and Mastered at RockKnock Studios London.