Pree Mayall releases 'Yaara' Video

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Pree Mayall Loses his ‘Yaara’

Pree Mayall is the newest Bhangra artist to hail from the States and he showcases his single “Yaara” with a new music video. Pree is fresh off the release of his debut album Me, Myself, and Pree and now brings his album to life with quality videos.

“‘Yaara’ is a song that is very personal to me. I wrote it in 2005 when I lost someone close to me in a car accident. The lyrics are a reflection of what I felt at the time and I hope my fans can feel the emotion.” Pree explains.

The video for “Yaara” has been directed and produced by Inner Vibe TV; Chintan Singh Anand has co-written the single. Pree Mayall’s first single “Akh Da Ishara” has receieved14,000+ views on YouTube and continues to gain attention.





Me, Myself & Pree:


the jatt
+1 #4 the jatt 2011-06-18 08:52
@Shubu...I agree with you. I also grew up in gurdwara where my dad was a Giani.
+2 #3 Shubu 2011-06-16 20:55
WTF not again,not this time,an A$$hole always act like the same he is.

aaaa thuuuu

sardaara de naam te dhabha,londe gaana chad de nahi ta mein chuda dava ga,gay peinchoo
tera pio
+3 #2 tera pio 2011-06-16 11:50
the guy cant sing to save his life, not only that but the tit thinks hes propa [censored]g, the bloke is butters
-3 #1 wakkashakka 2011-06-15 22:14
sounds like the kinda punjabi-rnb track stereonation would release ... pree definately sounds close to taz on this

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