Pav Purewal - Rollin' Like a Rockstar (Out Now)

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The brand new album by Pav Purewal titled 'Rollin Like A Rockstar' is out now worldwide via iTunes!! Produced by Aman Hayer and featuring a collaboration with Yudhvir Manak & Bhinda Aujla!
Official Tracklisting
1. Rab Di Sohn
2. Haye Soniye
3. Desi Boliyan ft Yudhvir Manak
4. Taur
5. Ishq di Boli
6. Udti Toor
7. Yaari
8. Patya Jana

Rollin' Like A Rockstar - Pav Purewal

The beginning, I always knew from an early age that I would love to become a singer. I spent my teens in America Phoenix Arizona and from then I was surrounded by a rich culture of music and people.

I was always a great fan of the greats such as Ustad Kuldip Manak, Amar Singh Chamkila and Gurdass Mann. I have the greatest collection of old vhs videos which I used to watch and still watch that still give me that bar that I would like to reach, such as Kuldip Manak live in the 70’s.

I remember one of my first tapes I got when I was 13 my dad had purchased me Jazzy Pajis tape ‘Ghughian da jorda’ ever since then I was a fan of Jazzy Pajis. Then I was fortunate enough when I was 17 to meet Jazzy Paji when I returned from America at a concert in my home town. From that day forward I have never looked back and had been given the chance to learn from my own Ustad Jazzy B.

pav purewal

I have since then been very fortunate in being able to learn from my Ustad and been able to meet many great people all over the world. I remember the first time Jazzy Paji introduced me to Ustad Kuldip Manak it was a moment I had to pinch myself and couldn’t believe he was there after seeing his video’s all those times. Since then I have become close to Ustad Kuldip Manak and his family. I have become very good friends with his son Yudhvir Manak and we always have a great time every time I am in India. He also has a great voice and takes after his father that is why it was a great experience to have Yudhvir also on my new album.

My main backbone in my carer has been my Ustad Jazzy Paji who has always given me help and advice in helping me to grow and develop. I have been a backing singer for Paji for many years and this has helped me to develop my voice and build my experience on stage live. I also have been given pointers by another great brother of Pajis Sukhshinder Shinda who we all know is very gifted. In my opinion Sukhshinder Shinda in our industry is like a Dr Dre who keeps making hit after hit so it was great to get feedback from him. I have also been blessed with not only getting to sing with Jazzy Paji but also Shinda Paji to which has helped to build my confidence.


My production on my first album and my new album has been done by my good friend Aman Hayer. Aman Paji has taken his production level up a bar on every album he has worked on and his talent precedes him. Aman Paji is doing amazing things and has given me great direction and influence in my new coming album.

My new album is called ‘Rolling Like a Rockstar’ which I am releasing very soon. The reason in my title is because of all the great experiences I have had with my Ustad Jazzy Paji. I hope there is something for everyone on my new album.



0 #10 katie 2011-03-24 12:42
tracks are wicked nice to see you back on the music scene mate, hope things are cool, aint spoke to you for few years now
china jatt
-1 #9 china jatt 2010-07-01 09:41
in this interview all we hear is o jazzy paaji did this we know pav purewals want to give jazzy one up the ass lol
-1 #8 Slap 2010-06-12 17:26
Hey #2 you are a fudu! Better pray i never see your minging face to smash in! Punk!
-1 #7 Slap 2010-06-12 17:24
Hey #2 and aria you are fudus! Better pray i never see your minging face to smash in! Punks!
0 #6 aria 2010-03-09 22:20
oi number #2 your the FUDDU!!!!!!!!!! ! Bet you can't sing you minger!
Amar Sandhu
-1 #5 Amar Sandhu 2010-02-13 05:49
Hey i cant wait to to listen to your latest production.
i still remember when my elder brother made me listen to your first album 'Elements of Surprise-Lishka re' since then i became a fan of yours and always tried to be in touch with your latest upcomings.
'Dil' is my favorite of all time and yeah i still listen to 'Koka' and 'Kasoor'
Seriously cant wait to hear your new album....
Lots of Love....
-1 #4 superstar 2009-09-03 05:10
this could b a good album with aman hayer doing the music and jazzy b and shinda with pav purewal
-1 #3 Guest 2009-01-24 16:07
this should be a gd album aman hayer has done work on it plus his been wiv the great jazzy parji and shinda so im lookin 4ward to the album
0 #2 Guest 2009-01-18 19:27
what a FUDU!
-1 #1 Hari 2009-01-15 06:43
Album\'s going to be BIG!!

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