Foji - Pumbeeri (Out Now)

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After Foji's phenomenal success with his debut album titled 'Dafa Hoja' which included chart topping single 'Bruah' and one of the anthems of 2010 'Dafa Hoja', he is back with another single 'Pumbeeri' which is set to make noise and become a dancefloor filler around the world!

{audio}media/Music/Mar11/Foji - Pumbeeri .mp3{/audio} - Listen to Promo

Continue to follow Foji's versatile video concepts, with the retro 80's cult classic 'Dafa Hoja' and the youthful and vibrant 'Bruah', he is now ready to back this single with another unique, trendsetting record breaking video!

Pumbeeri - Single - Foji (UK) Pumbeeri - Single - Foji (USA) Pumbeeri - Single - Foji (CANADA)


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