Ahsan Bajwa - Sunnah-Emptiness (FULL Video)

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Ahsan Bajwa, The second artist to come from Valley Records UK.

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We bring you his up tempo debut track "Sunnah-Emptiness". With his soft and soothing voice, he promises to win the heart of millions. With Eren-E on production, we all know this one is a big one. The music is up tempo and will definitely get you on the dance floor.

Ahsan Bajwa, When I finished my high school, my interest in music developed a lot as I started listening to Bhangra pop music in particular. I wanted to take it seriously and that is why I started researching about the opportunities and technicalities in this field. I realised that I can express my thoughts and put them in beats.

For the last four years I have been writing and singing in Punjabi and Hindi. Recently I have recorded some songs and one of them has been played on BBC Asian Network. The track is called "Yaar Lable" has also been on air on a Dutch radio station called "Fun-X".

I have recorded some songs in 2008 but I realized that the recording studios I went to back then were not up to the mark which makes it difficult for the starters to come up and show their talent. In 2010 I met Eren-E where I recorded the track "Sunnah-Emptiness". We are still working on other tracks, in Hindi as well! Stay tuned!

Sunnah (Emptiness) - Single - Ahsan Bajwa


-1 #3 hs 2011-03-07 08:13
for some one who is feeling sunna ( emptiness ) he sure looks and sounds upbeat
what the beeeeep
-1 #2 what the beeeeep 2011-03-04 11:04
guy cant sing
+1 #1 imran-12 2011-03-04 10:11
amazing track..the produceer is very talented..he is the same one that did imran khan album

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