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Deen Janjua ft. Capone-E - Party (Out Soon)


Peeps Once again we bring you the youngest and freshest Asian music artists in the uk right now Deen JanJua, Deen is back with his 2nd single and this one features Mr Capone – E one of LA’s Biggest Rap Stars.

The tracks called “Party” And is set to release in April. After the huge success of deen’s first single “Chittyan” Deen is one of the biggest young Asian talents in the uk today. Mr Capone – E has made tracks with Snoop Dog, The game, and most recently he has done a ring entrance song for World Famous Amir Khan. Deen has his eyes set on America and is keen on making a big impression to all the young Asians in the UK. With thousands of Kids, Teenagers following him, he is definitely a big influence in the UK.

The song is an up tempo club track, which is going to get you dancing. Deen is bringing a fresh vibe to the Asian market something which no one’s done before. Deen has his own unique style, with simple lyrics and a catchy beat we all know deen’s the artist to look out for. The music is done by Ji-Madz one of the most unique producers in the UK today. He was the man Behind “Chittyan” and the man behind deen’s Forth Coming album.

Are you ready??