G-Deep releases Saali Zindagi Video!

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The G-Deep Music Team is proud to release Saali Zindagi, the fourth single from the O'Billo album. Saali Zindagi is a little different than the typical music people normally expect.

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Song - Saali Zindagi (Story of Prem-G)
Singer/Lyrics - G-Deep
Music - Senjay Luckey
Album - O' Billo
Label - Saregama HMV (WorldWide) and Times Music (South East Asia)

Video By Real G Productions
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Director / Editor- Hemant Tavathia
Producer - Kiran G Kaur

It is a story about Prem-G, who is a character that G-Deep has created especially for this song. Prem-G is an average Indian man who is married, has a kid, and hates his job. He struggles to make ends meet at home and is unhappy with the way his life is going. This song is a fun look at today's life and times, Saali Zindgi exaggerates everyman's daily struggle in this well-worded semi-comic song.

Yes, life can difficult at times but it is up to us to let it get to us. Fans will surely enjoy this side of G-Deep and can definitely relate to the message in this song. With Saali Zindagi, G-Deep once again shows the audience his vast range, not only can he make wonderful music like Mahi Mera and O'Billo but is also fully capable of stating the truth about normal life.

As for the music video, we open the song with G-Deep's wife complaining at home, followed by G-Deep's boss complaining in the office, and finally, G-Deep complaining to himself toward the end. The video concept was simply building the world that the song is about. We chose to shoot in a non-cinematic way- favoring flat, TV-style shots.

The song is about "The Everyman," and flat, non-cinematic shots complement the non-glamorous life of the average person. I think we can all share the humor in how contrary to one's expectations life really is. Lets celebrate Saali Zindgi.


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