Offlicence - Maar Glassi (Out Now)

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Offlicence Gear up to the realease of their brand new single 'Maar Glassi' Supported by Christian Audigier Wines With the release of their brand new party single ‘Maar Glassi’ supported by Christian Audigier Wines, 2010 is set to be a great year for Offlicence who are in position to make a positive mark within the world music scene.

Offlicence are a multicultural trio from the UK who are Sunny J (vocalist), Lexeye and Projay, (rappers). Their uniqueness resides in their diverse fusion of music and high energy live performances loved by supporters nationwide.

Now the critically acclaimed group Offlicence have filmed a video for their new up and coming single –
Maar Glassi produced by Gupsy Aujla.

Maar Glassi is a stunning and vibrant music video centred on a dazzling entertaining birthday celebration in a stylish London Venue. The song displays a fusion of Asian and English vocals throughout, including references to Fashion, food, drink and having a good time.

The Video is supported by the world famous Christian Audigier Wines who have recently launched two new Champagnes and their range of fine wines that are showcased in the Maar Glassi video.

Maar Glassi is directed by Sheridan De Myers & Edited by Nathan Greene who have collectively put together music video’s such as ‘Since You Went Away ‘by So Solid Crew,‘ Take That’ by Wiley and Day & Night by Kid Cudi.

“We know that Christian Audigier is at the forefront of fashion, and the Christian Audigier Wine range fitted in perfectly for the image we wish to portray for our single Maar Glassi. We are also proud to be associated with Prelude Trading Ltd who are the exclusive distributors of Christian Audigier clothing across Europe. We see this as a great opportunity for both sides to gain exposure to a wider market heavily influence by fashion and music”. Sunny J (Offlicence Lead Vocalist)

Overall Maar Glassi is a celebration song for all, with fun vibes showcasing entertaining moments for that feel good atmosphere for everyone to enjoy

The brand new single ‘Maar Glassi’ will be available to buy from itunes from the 3rd June 2010.
The song will be premiered on BBC Radio 1 with Nihal.
The video will be premiered next week on Brit Asia TV, Sky channel 833.



Offlicence - Maar Glassi - EP BUY NOW!


Gavin Singh
0 #4 Gavin Singh 2010-09-13 19:57
Loving this song its my favorite song this summer. Got it on i tunes a while ago and carnt stop playing it. Off licence are wicked. Loving It boys keep up the good work also loving the Christian Audigier Gear
0 #3 Jeeti 2010-05-27 20:12
Soundz amazing!!!!!! luvin it....saw the vid yestdaii on Brit Asia...lukin sikk...brruuuaa ahhh....mitra maar glassy..GLASSY! !!!roll on june 3rd...
+2 #2 hayezsquad 2010-05-18 18:48
quality guy quality keep up the good work
-1 #1 skillz 2010-05-17 22:53
if the tracks been produced by gupsy aujla...what have offlicence actually done?! Aint these guys meant to be producers?

Sunny J a vocalist? I've heard this guy speak punjabi and hes terrible how can he be a vocalist?

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