Rishi Rich unleashes his new female sensation ‘Tasha Tah’

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Tasha Tah the soulful, sassy, songstress who is the latest singer to be signed up by superstar producer Rishi Rich, is set to release her first single ‘Rewind’.

The starlet, recognised by her natural talent and creative flair, was spotted by Rishi of ‘Rishi Rich Productions’ and  was immediately signed to label ‘Tiffin Beats Records’ and international management company ‘Mumbai Rouge’.

Singer/songwriter Tasha comes from an influential and inspiring family of poets and people involved in the music industry. Coming from a background where poetry and music has played a constant theme, the young singer’s passion lies in putting pen to paper and expressing herself. There is never a topic too taboo when it comes to Tasha Tah. She writes and sings about anything and everything, making her one of the most eagerly-anticipated artists hitting the scene to date.

Since being signed by ‘Tiffin Beats Records’ in 2009, Tasha has been in the studio developing her sound and is now set to release her first single ‘Rewind’ on I-TUNES June 28th 2010. The track is produced by Rishi Rich and Veronica Mehta and features the highly acclaimed Mumzy Stranger.

Tasha will be promoting her single nationwide this summer at all mela’s and events alongside fellow artists Mumzy Stranger, H-Dhami and Juggy D.
With the backing of the team behind Rishi Rich Productions this new girl on the block is set to explode on the charts this summer with a sure fire hit which you’ll want to rewind again and again.

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navi sains
0 #5 navi sains 2010-10-17 18:08
tasha is so cool...she got such a nice voice..she's hawt aswell!
+1 #4 parmjt 2010-10-17 18:00
Tasha is amazing, looks vocals and personality, she is a role model to other upcomming singers and song writers and has much love to share with the world. Tash is one of the best and has so much talent its unbeleivable, her music and performances are diverse with a touch of [censored] and urban collieded together and also rememberable with her full on dancing and live performance's. Its an Achivement and a half, that she has made it this far already on the mainstream and the story continues. Go Tasha Peace Parmjit singh B
Mick St
0 #3 Mick St 2010-06-10 10:24
she got no talent.wat is going on with Shiti Shit(rishi rich) camp?
0 #2 mohsink 2010-06-05 19:25
Sick tune
-1 #1 soniasandhu 2010-06-03 23:55
Amazing track. Well done Rishi

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