Ajaxxx Featured on Renegades Volume 4: Forever

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Washington D.C. - Producer Sureet Sandhu of Digital Desi Productions has done it again. After three successful mixtape releases, he returns with Renegades Volume 4: Forever. The new release features 33 tracks showcasing the best of the best in the South Asian music industry. “The mixtape features some great established and up-and-coming South Asian artists”, Sureet explains, “such as Sir Aah, Raja Wilco, Swami Baracus, Pacifik, Seminar, Kaly, Ko the Timeless, Ajaxxx, and many more.”

That’s right, Ajaxxx is back at it! With a very eventful 2009, we were assured that 2010 would start off with a bang and it surely has! Sureet and Ajaxxx have shared a strong relationship over the years, bringing you many memorable tracks including the hit song “Disco.” On Renegades Volume 4: Forever, Ajaxxx returns with another one: “2 The Top.”

As with any track we expect from Ajaxxx, his energy is present from the track’s start, rapping, “I’m back on the beat by Sureet, and it’s heat…I’m knee deep in the vibe, so put it on repeat.” He continues to rap, “Sureet hit me off, now I’m back to my business…I’m back to the rap, act two, don’t miss it.”

"2 The Top” is a tease so be ready for the full-track on an upcoming release. With international press, massive collabos, and lots of new music in the works, Ajaxxx is definitely on the move! And in the words of ‘Jaxxx himself, “I've waited for my spot, now I'll take it to the top!”

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