Tubsy - Loada Dhollucks (Out Now)

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Tubsy – A Percussionist who has made beats not just played them !

I have known Tubsy from way back in the late 70’s when as a kid he used to sit at the foot of the stage at Dasmesh Sikh Temple, Lozells, Birmingham. Tubsy used to wait patiently for his chance to play the dholki with anyone who would take this young kid seriously. From a background of performing with the late and great, and a family history of music. Tubsy has and with his new album the creator of beats not just a player.

Tubsy and his trademark smile and glasses have been seen with the late Lal Chand Jamla Jat when he was just twelve years old and he has lead the beats on the acclaimed Dhola Veh Dhola with SatRang, Bomb The Tumbi with The Safri Boys, Arranged Marriage with Apache Indian and Just Badmashi with Pardesi Music Machine to name but a few. Tubsy is currently touring with Sukshinder Shinda and Jazzy B on the live Bhangra circuit as well as fronting an innovative Dhol and Hip Hop Ensemble called Hood Theory fusing British Asian sounds for a purpose.

This album from Tubsy marks a significant turning point in the life of Tubsy who has had many turning points some more dangerous than this one but less challenging. Tubsy moved away from the home of Bhangra three years ago to develop music in the home counties. But, Tubsy has created this album of beats from a heritage of music and passion and travels around the world with a host of Bhangra bands who will always claim they made Tubsy beat his Dhollucks! I write this with humour and affection, because that is what Tubsy is. Tubys’s beats and amazing speed in creating beats and fusing the sounds around him make him the number one choice for all bands UK wide when creating beats. What you get from this album is not from a sampler or from a tin. This album contains the real deal and real authentic sounds of Punjabi music, the vocalists sadly come second place.

This is Tubsy’s turn to shine from out of the shadows of the bands he has performed with and take front of stage with his debut solo album. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed being a friend of Tubsy ( Bhupinder Singh Kullar )

Boy Chana



+1 #5 Mannyt 2010-02-13 12:17
Absolutely brilliant a copy yesterday and my initial thought is that it's brilliant!
serious names
+1 #4 serious names 2010-01-14 16:14
mr ready to klimax !! is your name any better !! - get with the programme and feel what youhavenot got!
-1 #3 readytoklimax 2009-12-19 18:19
Anyone who titles their album that, cannot be taken seriously.
-4 #2 tuti 2009-10-12 10:17
load of ballocks lol
-1 #1 Dilgeer 2009-10-01 17:23
yaaro tasveer load ni hundi te dooji gal bakshi di video da haal vekho

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