Mithun – ‘Aaja Tu Mere Naal’

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The New Year brings us a brand new talent in the form of Mithun. A British born Hindi singer / songwriter, Mithun is set to take the UK scene by storm in 2010. Having worked throughout the last year with some of the UK’s top Asian producers, Mithun is ready to release his debut album this Summer.

The first single to be taken off the album is ‘Aaja Tu Mere Naal’. The track is an up-tempo Hindi pop song, introducing Mithun’s youthful and lively presence.


Mithun has been singing and performing from a young age, having been classically trained to sing in Hindi and play the harmonium. This training has provided the foundation to his musical ability. An all round performer he has entertained audiences across the UK and has been introduced to the live student circuit at universities nationwide.

Ex Club Asia presenter Veena V says: “Mithun had his first radio interview on my show ‘Exposure with Veena V’ in 2007. As an upcoming British Asian talent he has a great spark about him. A fantastic Hindi singer, he’s definitely one to watch out for this year!”

Mithun’s debut album features the production talents of Producer B, Jinx & Audiowax.


0 #5 tazleem 2010-03-04 23:05
:-) yo heavy songs jus rock on yh love dese songs jus mad about em oi whos dis if yh wanna chat add me on ma msn addy lolxx
0 #4 zarah_khan 2010-03-04 18:02
blooody amazing! x
tazleem bi
0 #3 tazleem bi 2010-03-04 00:43
yo dis paki kuriye says hi wots ppl out dere dis trak is sik lolxxx
Reena Patel
0 #2 Reena Patel 2010-02-18 13:14
Dis sng is stuck in me head!!! Tuneeeeeeeeeeee e! xx
0 #1 Shilpz 2010-02-18 12:05
wOWWWW! Luvv da Meri Jan ! Itz too cutez :) xx

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