241 - Sun Goes Down (Promo)

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‘Sun Goes Down’ is the debut single from new British Asian talent 2 Minds 4 1 Dream AKA 241. The tracks fusion of hip hop and dance music creates a fast paced rhythm that is sure to seduce you onto the dance floor.

HeycH & Pav, the duo which make 241 chose Sun Goes Down as the first single to highlight their background as professional dancers and performers. “Coming from a dance background we feel that the song is only one part of the journey. How that song is then translated in the studio and more importantly on stage is what really allows the listener to become a part of that story ” explain HeycH and Pav.

The music video shot by Ballistic Productions (Jags Klimax - Heer, DJ H & Rags - Jawani), reinforces 241s vision that performance and lyric go hand in hand as the video is enriched with many choreographed sequences with a climatic rain sequence never before witnessed in an Asian music video. The video was shot with Red One technology as seen on the hit series 24 and was also used by Peter Jackson on Lord Of The Rings.

Wanting to also cater for their Desi crowd, 241 acquired the talents of veteran producers Tigerstyle for the official remix. Accompanied with incredible classical hindi vocals, the remix contains just as much bounce as the original and is a must for any DJ wishing to get a crowd moving.

The single as well as the video will be debuting on Monday 2nd November and will be availabile for download from iTunes and all other major digital download distrubutors.

Promo Below

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