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Tony Talwar - Bhangratronica (Out Now)


Tony Talwar is a dj, producer and remixer representing the South Asian music scene, and specializing in a cross-cultural blend of music from Eastern and Western sources.

When he started remixing, Tony’s primary goal was to make Indian music accessible to a younger generation of South-Asians. He remixed traditional Punjabi folk music and popular Hindi film songs with catchy house rhythms. Tony’s work sparked interest and encouraged a whole new generation of Indian-Americans to explore their cultural roots through the medium of music.

Since the inception of his former group (T.S. Soundz), Tony has released over 10 albums: Hindi Remix 1, 2, 3; Bhangra Jockey; Return of the Bhangra Jockey; Chicago Bass; Kick Back 1, 2, 3(RPG Music Release UK); Club Vibes Volume.1; and Typhoon Asha(Novo Records), an Asian underground album.

Tony has traveled worldwide to perform in front of mass audiences. His success and popularity in the Indian-American market has given him the impetus to explore the world music arena.


Tony just completed a new album called BHANGRATRONICA in which he uses electronic dance music mixed with classical instruments such as sitar, dhol and tabla. Vocals from a variety of musical styles, including Qawwali, Bhangra, Bollywood and Raag emerge from this electronic euphoria.

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1. Bhangratronica
2. House of Shehnai
3. Jeevan Dekhiya f. Navraaz Basati
4. Bhangra Breakerz
5. Delhi Trance Project
6. Kadeh Dil (Indian Sunrise Mix)
7. Chill in Punjab
8. Ranjha my Love
9. Moonlight Connection
11.Deep into Galaxy
12.Jivan (Life Cycle)

{audio}media/Music/Oct09/Bhangratronica.mp3{/audio} - Listen to Bhangratronica


{audio}media/Music/Oct09/Alien Vs Bollytronic.mp3{/audio} - Listen to Alien Vs Bollytronic