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Nirmal Sidhu - Nai Jeena (Out Now)


After confirming Nirmal Sidhu as their newest big name signing, Moviebox have now released his new solo album.

Track Listing

01 - Nai Jeena - Nirmal Sidhu
02 - Put Jattan De - Nirmal Sidhu
03 - Main Tenu Pyar Karda - Nirmal Sidhu
04 - Hai Hai - Nirmal Sidhu feat. G-Money
05 - Gidha Paa - Nirmal Sidhu
06 - White Blood - Nirmal Sidhu
07 - Nachna Tere Naal - Nirmal Sidhu
08 - Chehra Par Jayi Da - Nirmal Sidhu

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Produced by Aman Hayer, the 8 track album has now been released on the Moviebox Records