AG Dolla?s Here!!

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British Asian rapper AG Dolla returns with the second release from his much anticipated forthcoming album “Mr Shah”. The aptly titled “AG Dolla’s Here” is a blend of Asian and hip hop beats and lyrically explores his unmistakable sense of humour.



“AG Dolla’s Here” is a quirky and catchy track demonstrating Dolla’s versatility as an artist who has a unique ability to combine gritty and honest lyrics with strong urban beats. Cementing himself as one of the finest Asian rappers in the UK in recent months, the rest of the year promises to keep AG Dolla very busy.

Award winning DJ Bobby Friction says: “I really believe in this brother! As a Brit-Asian artist he is a full rounded package... A real talent with things to say about life, love and society”.

A multi-talented writer, producer and performer, Kenyan born artist AG Dolla is getting ready to release his brand new album “Mr Shah”, set to be one of the hottest British Asian albums of 2009! 

Listen to Full Track Here:


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