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Sri Lankan superstar Ranidu set to make waves in the UK!


Ranidu is the undisputed icon of Sinhalese R’n’B and hip hop who has captured the imagination of the Sri Lankan masses with his breathtaking voice and enigmatic compositions.

He has single-handedly taken the genre of Sri Lankan R’n’B to new and never before seen heights in the international arena.

With the massive release of the club banger “Fake Friendz”(Athamita Kasi), Ranidu is keen to introduce his unique vibe to Britain’s South Asian music community.

Ranidu, a platinum selling artist in his home country, was the first Sri Lankan musician to receive airplay on established channels such as MTV India, Channel V and Zee Music. Impressively he is also the first Sri Lankan artist to have made it onto the US Billboard charts.

Popular BBC presenter Nihal says: “Ranidu is one of the most talented songwriters I have ever met. He has taken Sri Lankan music and flipped it on its head, using the crispest beats and basslines with the funkiest R’n’B rhythms, spitting pure Sri Lankan fire over them. His melodies are so strong that you don’t have to understand a single lyric to feel the passion and soul in every note he sings or word he raps”.

“Fake Friendz” is now ready to hit the UK and will take Ranidu’s profile to the next level... Get ready for the Ranidu experience!

Listen to track below and leave yor thoughts/comments.


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