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Listen to - Navin Kundra ? Love Thing (The ?Rattan? Remix)



Navin Kundra


Check out Surinder Rattan’s remix of Navin Kundra’s hit single “Love Thing”.
{audio}images/stories/Bhangra09/Navin Kundra 'LoveThing' Rattan Remix.mp3{/audio}

Rattan adds his unmistakable Desi touch to take “Love Thing” to a different level, giving the original a fresh vibe for a new audience.

Navin Kundra

Navin Kundra continues to go from strength to strength daily. His fan base is growing at a fanatical rate as he reaches different listenership’s with diverse musical deliveries as heard not only on “Love Thing” but also on the tear-jerking ballad “Tere Liye” and the forthcoming “Mehbooba”.