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Kidd Skilly - 'Undercover Superstar' - Witnis the Music - Episode Two

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Episode Two digs deeper into the title track of Skilly?s upcoming mix-tape, ?Undercover Superstar?.

In the track he says ?It?s funny how my people preach spiritual wealth, but if I give up material they?ll give me hell?. Skilly feels this is one of the most important lines in the track and believes that as a community we seem to be heavily influenced by spirituality yet when it comes to following ones passions and dreams, the potential for making money quashes these. He reiterates that ?as a community we need to get passed the contradictions we make?.

Skilly explains how his elders were reluctant as Skilly pursued his music career as they believed there was ?no money in it?. However, Kidd Skilly claims that he is not money motivated and ?music is something we are trying to do for our people, we want to pursue our dream?. Skilly kept to his word and proved that money is not what he is interested in by giving his ground-breaking track ?Ni Sohniye? with with R?n?B megastar Akon away for free.

A portion of proceeds from pre-sales of the ?Undercover Superstar? mix tape will be going to The World Foundation for Music and Healing, Kidd Skilly and the WINTIN Project hope to help those less fortunate follow their dreams and realise their superstar potential. The charity provides music education, cultural programming and creative arts experience for children, teens, families and groups recovering from trauma or loss.

'Undercover Superstar' is available to pre-order now from & and will be released on 11th September 2008.

Watch out for the next episode as Kidd Skilly reveals a little more...